Alzhiemers Society Cupcake Day

The long-awaited anticipation of my cupcake day is over, I'm so thankful for everyone who helped out and came to make this day special. This post is mostly going to be picture's as I dont have a massive deal of things to write about! The reason I decided to participate in this day is because... Continue Reading →

My favourite cupcake recipes

I mentioned in a previous post that I was hosting a Cupcake Day next Monday for The Alzheimer's Society. 5 days to go! I thought I'd share my favourite recipes with you all and ones that I will be trying out this weekend when getting ready for Monday. If any of this ends up having... Continue Reading →

I Feel Pretty Film Review

I was meant to post this last month but never got round to finishing the post! Sorry! I took my Best friend to see this film for her 21st! We had the whole cinema to ourselves for the majority of the film as the other 2 people walked out halfway through the film and never... Continue Reading →

The Adventure’s of our Cat

We have a secret member of our family that only close family are aware of: Meet Puss Puss the Build-A-Bear Cat. Puss Puss joined our family on the 29th August 2017, a present to myself off my boyfriend. Amelia found a deep love for this cat and they have been inseparable ever since. I loved... Continue Reading →

M.E and me Documentary

May is M.E awareness month and Today I watched the BBC Newsbeat Documentary: M.E and me, The documentary is hosted by Emma Donohoe, An M.E sufferer. She visit's the lives of other M.E sufferer's to show how debilitating this disease really is. What is M.E? M.E stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. There are different extremes of... Continue Reading →

Project Mysterious: A stranger among Strangers

My first writing collabo with other bloggers, Project Mysterious – A stranger among strangers, please give it a read and follow the other bloggers! I had so much fun taking part and writing my part!


The Best Collabo I have done….

And more than anything, educational for me! Experiencing the writing of other creatives collaborating via social media from all over the world to write one story! It was truly an incredible experience for me!


An international collabo with bloggers and/or writers all over the world. More like a writers
movement to showcase talent and intelligence to encourage more people to read and write. It
will also bring attention to writers and their creativity worldwide and their ability to work with
other writers. All writers will be acknowledged, and their work will be theirs. The work will be
published on my blog, and writers can carry their work onto their own blogs and websites as well,
however bloggers are not allowed to take their co-writer’s work without their approval and the
approal of Mysterious. The writer will only get 100-200 words to write what…

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