Ham Ham Mark II

Ham Ham Mark II

Photo -Ham Ham Mark II

On the 27nd of December less than two weeks after moving into our new home I decided we needed a pet hamster, ‘A late Christmas present/Early birthday present for my daughter’ I said. Although the truth may be I just wanted one and needed an excuse. Less than a day after we had ‘agreed’ to get one then arrived our first hamster which my 2 year old named ‘am am’ which I believe is meant to be Ham Ham.

Back home at my parents we had a hamster for a while called Hammond so the boyfriend still persisted to call our one by this. Despite the fact I grew up with many Ginge, Freddie, Coco, Podgy etc. I remained to believe I would be okay with this until I actually had to handle him for the first time after a week I was able to pick him up, my daughter would cry to have him in his ball. She loved the ball. She didn’t want to watch him in it but merely carry him around in it within her hands. In her little world that must have been what the ball was for seeing him run in his cage was nothing compared to having a ball with real life inside it must have been amazing.

So we grew to love this ‘am am’ and I believe in his own way he was part of the family. My boyfriend may say different about this as he would nibble at him but no one else. He was fed a lot. In less than 2 weeks the small babyish hamster was actually noticeably larger and heavier. Must have been all the chips, prawn crackers, biscuits and cereal bars that miraculously made their way into his cage.

Despite being sold him as a male hamster I then found out he was a female but we still persisted to call him a male, why confused the issue? So the story goes on after 6 weeks of loving companionship of this hamster I was puzzled one night when I realised I hadn’t seen or heard from him in a while.

Ham Ham had sadly passed away. After an hour of trying to wake him to see if he was hibernating I was sad to find out he was definitely not with us anymore. So that night I’m like ‘oh dear what am I supposed to do? This type of problem is not my forte’. We will bury him and replace him.

Next day we called the pet shop and asked about any cream looking hamsters they may have in their stock we were pleased to hear they may have something that will suit our needs. ‘This happens all the time’ they inform me. What happens all the time hamsters dying, or parents trying to cover up their deaths?

So I dig a hole using a small garden fork as I’m only half way through trying to make my garden and I have limited tools at the moment. It was only a small service and I was the only attendee. I put a stone on top of this as we have a lot of foxes in the area, I mean I would be mortified if my daughter finds dead hamster remains in the front garden. Just me in a garden with a small garden fork hiding up the remains at like 7:30 in the morning.

In the pet shop I had a look and found a female hamster that’s slightly cream and has white under its neck and around bits of its back and belly. I’m just adamant I need this hamster like how do I explain death to a two year old? I hate to lie, none of that he ran away, is going to soothe my two year old I won’t even believe it myself. So onwards I proceed to buy this hamster although it seemed to be very angry. The box he was put in did nothing but grunt, scratch and bite the whole way home and I’m starting to think what sort of demon is in this box I’ve just purchased. I didn’t even know hamsters made grunting noises. I brought him home lied to my daughter and said Ham Ham has been to the vets and now he may act slightly different for a few days.

I mean I’ll be honest, she hasn’t noticed that in actual fact this new hamster looks nothing like our old one. The only person in the house who’s noticed a difference is my dog. The dog had sort of come round to liking Ham Ham Mark I she no longer felt the need to try eat him but oh no not ham Ham Mark II she likes to stick her head right in there and persist to open her mouth around him.

So that’s the story of how Ham Ham Mark I became Ham Ham mark II.

For any of you that interested in reading how I tamed these hamsters here is how below.

To start when I brought the Hamsters home I chose a room suitable in the house for him to stay, Id recommend a room that’s warm and not going to keep people up at night as they are nocturnal and can be quite noisy at times. Less than a week in we had to buy a new running wheel as all we could hear at night was the squeaking of it. We then left the hamster alone in his new cage with fresh food, water and all clean bedding etc. About a day of two later start to talk to the hamster through the cage to get him used to your voice. I’ve found ours jumped a lot when we spoke and this will cause them to fear you so find a tone of voice that doesn’t make them jump or hide, keep talking to him for the next couple of days until he is used to your voice and not jumping. When they are scared their ears go down like a dogs and when they are up they are curious. They can be known to attack in fear so try not to scare him. Try opening up the cage and putting your hand near them don’t put it over by their face but under their mouth or around their back towards there bum and tail, this will be less scary for them. Let them sniff you and even feed them fresh fruit, veg, or treats to make him associate you with good things. When your hamster is no longer jumpy and trusts you, you may want to attempt to pick him up or let him walk into your hand. Or alternatively if you don’t want to pick him up, lure him into his ball and let him walk around and after a while you could open the lid and he should walk out onto you this may be less frightening for you both.

This seemed to work for me but you must remember to wash your hands regularly before dealing with him as he will bite if he can smell food.

Hope this post helped anyone who has got hamster or even just cheered up your day.

Please share, follow etc and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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