Winter Wonderland in February

Faceless Self Portrait Snow

Anyone with a child around the same age as mine will understand the Frozen obsession, Amelia loves frozen, she loves the snow in it, the ice, the snowmen etc. Finally my little girl got to live that experience, living in England we don’t get a lot of it. It was such a lovely surprise to wake up to see the snowy scene of my front garden. I told James he was lying to me and I was not getting out of bed, how wrong I was.

Bedroom window view of the snow

As I’ve mentioned previously I have a Siberian Husky who is now 9 years old called Katushka. She has seen snow before but I wonder how many more she will see. The first thing she did was make yellow snow. Not quite the Disney reaction I had in mind. I wanted her to prance and gallop in it. I guess shes too old for that now. Even still my first baby makes a beautiful model.

Tishka in the snow

It was the best surprise of all for Amelia, we got to open the curtains in a very dramatic reveal, I have never seen her so excited to go out, she didnt even want to eat her breakfast. She threw snowballs at us, fell over once but she was just so estatic. We came inside and she begged to take the dog out. She doesn’t even bother with Tishka she just didn’t want to stay in. While she was out she did start singing “Let it Go” and enthusiastically waving her arms and romping round like Elsa. I can only imagine the magic and joy that her imagination was running wild within herself.

Amelia in the snow

All that Joy and Happiness which was conveyed through the most angelic of smiles. She was constantly beaming from ear to ear! watching your baby, somebody who you care so deeply about get so much joy is one of lifes greatest moments. We all converted back to children, it was definitely one of our best experiences together so far.

Amelia in the snow 2

We are the youngest in my road, it made me very pleased when I saw the neighbour smile to us when she saw us all running around mad in the garden. It may seem dull to some but this was one of our firsts. Our first snow experience and I’m glad that it was spent in our first house together.


I hope you have enjoyed this short post, please share and feel free to comment with your magical winter experience.

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  1. omg how magical, love the blog keep up the hard work

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