Our First Theatre Experience

I know what you’re thinking, no we didn’t go see Peter Pan or Cinderella. We went to go see… Teletubbies Live in St. Helens Theatre Royal.

I’ve had these tickets since last Summer I ordered them the day they went on sale as my daughter was really into Teletubbies, then in the past few months I was starting to think she’s growing of it so I was getting  nervous thinking it’ll be a disaster. Someone who orders them on the first day of sale must be really into Teletubbies.

On the 25th of February, we set off for St. Helens Central.

Amelia on the train

Amelia hadn’t been on a train for quite some time now as we mostly walk or get the bus to places. We got to the station and literally watched our train roll away without us on it, we sat at Liverpool Lime street where Amelia made friends with a youngish Irish woman, she would not stop showing this woman her cat and trying to play with her. We saw that she had a club stamp on her hand, I automatically felt sorry for this woman and her hangover.

We set off on the train and Amelia’s face when we left the station was priceless. She was clueless a lot of the time about where we were going most of the journey but sat so very well behaved.


We pulled up at St. Helens Central 10 minutes before the show thinking we are going to be the last ones in there because knowing our luck the Theatre would be 10 miles away from the station, we only had to cross one road and we had arrived.

I was shocked to find that everyone else had arrived at roughly the same time as us. It must be a parent thing, young kids and theatre’s shouldn’t be put in the same sentence together.


We arrived and took our sets in the middle of the second row of the second tier. Great view of the stage, not so much foot room and the show starts. Amelia was absolutely fascinated the whole of the show, me and my boyfriend laughed so hard we cried when these big massive Teletubbies jumped out. I think we enjoyed it more than over half of the audience. Everywhere you looked in the room was parents on their phones, I swear we saw one guy who came back with 2 pints, it was only 10 past 1.

So were all really getting into it and then my daughter looks at me and says ‘Mummy I need a wee’. So remember I was in the middle of the row? Well everyone had to stand up to let us out, we return and they stand up again less than 5 minutes after we return the intermission comes on. I sigh and think why you could have not held it for 5 minutes. During the intermission Amelia tells me she wants the telly back on, I say were at the theatre Amelia it’s not a TV. I spent the intermission trying to retrieve back our drinks that carried on rolling under the seats in front of us. I went down there and seen a lot of them. How many drinks/ food does these theatre seats eat?


Intermission ends and the show starts again I’m thinking panic over, this is all going well. A couple of minutes pass and my daughter looks back up at me ‘Mummy I need a wee’. I look at my boyfriend dead in the eye, I’m like I am not, I repeat not, taking her again. She went right before intermission and here she was asking again right after.

So James agrees to take her and I’m sat listening to people moan about ‘didn’t that woman just take that kid out before’ Yes love she did but your children are not potty training and didn’t down a whole bottle of flavoured water on the train. The boyfriend and daughter return and I’m feeling relieved until he turns to me and says ‘She dropped Po in the toilet after she pee’d’.

We try to retrieve Po back and she’s not really having any of it. I suggest we buy her something from the shop after the show because we were going as a birthday present off my dad for Amelia so we will get her a souvenir.

When the show ended we leave and go down to the shop it was jam packed and I send James to get her a Noo Noo doll and a balloon. Whilst he’s gone I pick Amelia up because she didn’t like the big crowds of people. She stuck the piss soaked Po doll into my face.

On the walk back to the Station, we noticed the lack of corner shops there are in St. Helens, we didn’t see a single one but we only crossed over the road back to the station, a woman walking behind us her son let go of his balloon and half of the pedestrians all tried help to catch it we all knew what would of happened if it hadn’t been caught.

Me and James had to laugh at the train station as Amelia plays with her new Noo Noo doll pretending to make him eat leaves and then what must of seemed like cute toddler babble to everyone else was actually her saying ‘OH no Noo Noo Poo Poo’.


Thanks for reading! I hope this blog was as enjoyable as my experience, I’m starting a 31 day photo challenge tommorow (1st March 2018) so that will be up on the 31st of March or 1st of April.

Please share, follow, comment your experiences etc.

(These are all phone photos as no Cameras where allowed in the theatre so I didn’t take my DSLR)

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