Late Night Visitors

If you are new to my blog and have not read my About Our Wonderland page then I will say I have recently moved into my first house (Dec 14th 17). The house I live in is a listed cottage built in the 1700’s. The area surrounding my house is full of other old buildings and a bit of a woodland type area.

We have a motion sensor light in our front garden facing out into the garden, it is in between our porch and our front window. We only turn it on if we know we have visitors coming late at night. So one night we must have forgot to turn it off, we were lying in bed, not long after 3AM and the light came on. I raced to the window wondering if there was someone there or just the neighbour’s cat. I saw nothing so decided to go back to bed, then it came back on, no more than 30 seconds later. There stood a fox, as clear as daylight right out outside the window, approximately 1-2 metres away from our front door.

It was only a few days earlier I had told someone that we have foxes in the area and that I had seen them but not this close to the house. We have a long drive, the road to the house is quite long as well. Back at my mother’s I had a lot of fox encounters which was odd with her living on an estate.

I had the ingenius idea to borrow my mother’s Night Camera for 7 days to see if I can catch a glimpse of our fox. I will document and conclude my findings here for all intrigued to read and view. Of course I am not expecting the whole cast of Bambi to come to my front garden but if I catch one thing I will be ecstatic.

Night One (5th March 2018)

I set up the camera inside a plant pot to try stay dry as I was worried about the rain drowning it. I retrieved my camera this morning, 11 photographs the only problem being 10 of them were me putting it out and collecting it again this morning.

1st Night (5).JPG

Unsure about what is actually happening in this photo but the 2 lights are street light (far left) and my neighbours motion sensor light (in the middle of the image)  which is facing towards my house.

Night Two (6th March 2018)

Last night was a bit more “successful”, I was very surprised to collect my camera and find 3 photographs containing ‘wildlife’, of course that statement is debatable. My only disappointment is that I forgot to reset the date on the camera so it says the 10th May 2018. So my visitors are now time travelers – maybe I should start nicknaming them Marty and Doc!

Night 2 (6).JPG

Unfortunately this is me, testing the camera out to see if it was working – I hope the neighbours never caught a glimpse of me doing this. It is up for debate but I think I look like I should join the wildlife in their endeavors.

Night 2 (2)

Well, here we have the neighbours cat. I don’t even want to know why he was in my garden at this time. I’m not sure if they have a cat flap but I hope he wasn’t locked outside all night. My personal highlight would be my find of the day.

Night 2 (1)

A HEDGEHOG! I’m not going to pretend this didn’t happen but I actually called up my mother right after I discoved this photo, to ask her what it was, as I was actually starting to believe it was a boar. Yes, an actual boar. I was incredibly tired and also looking on a tiny screen of the Night Vision Camera. I can now see that it’s actually a hedgehog and that I’m slightly crazy when I wake up.

Night 3 (7th March 2018)

I had a very good feeling about tonight and it paid off. Only I’m dissapointed with myself for once again forgetting to change the date on the camera.

NIGHT 3 (2)

It’s our fox! I actually caught him. I woke up this morning eager to collect the camera as it was snowing heavily outside and I was worried that my camera would get snowed in as I don’t really want to test the weather proofing capabilities on this outdoor camera. Thankfully it hadn’t but I did get a shot or two of it snowing which I thought looked kind of cool.NIGHT 3 (6).JPG

Night 4 (8th March 2018)

Mr. Fox returns for the second night on a run, appearing only 20 mins after I put out the camera (this makes me want to keep putting the camera out earlier and earlier each night.) The fox is a little further away than on his previous appearances. He appears to be looking at the camera, I like to imagine that he is questioning why I have placed this “intrusive device in his space”  I have 2 more photographs of him after this and he appears to be running away, probably going to slink around elsewhere.Night 4 (18)

In the morning, I got 2 magpies which are towards the left side of the image which I was surprised by as I haven’t caught birds before. We have quite a lot of birds around the area and occasionally see them around and I’m planning on putting out bird feeders to feed them. Not the magpies of course but the finches and blackbirds etc. Maybe even the magpies actually, my boyfriend seems to constantly be saluting them, they’re his friends.

Night 4 (7)

A wild Postman which I only got because I slept in later than I usually do.

Night 4 (8)

Back is the cat. I wish he hadn’t bothered. I feel like his posture is mocking me, he just parades around everywhere like a boss.

Night 4 (9)

Night 5 (9th March 2018)

After so much activity, last night I caught nothing. I have been very lucky to get as much as I have on the camera. The only photo I got is the one below which I believe to be condensation from the cold. Looks like something of a horror movie. Only 2 more nights left so maybe one more successful night?Night 5 (6)

Night 6 (10th March 2018)

Another no show, just another fogged up picture. I’m starting to think it’s too cold out for the wildlife to come or maybe they are still coming but the condensation is making the camera not catch them. Night 6 (1)

Tonight will be the last night I put the camera out for a little while. I might do this again in the Summer to see if theres a difference in what I see.

Night 7 (11th March 2018)

To end my final night I am dissapointed to announce I have caught nothing but I have had a very very sucessful week.

I have really enjoyed making this blog post and it’s meant a whole week of working on it before posting. I look forward to seeing what you all think of it and hoping you enjoy reading as much as I have loved writing this.

To conclude it’s been a very interesting week, I had no idea exactly how much goes on in a week in my front garden. Overnight, I have almost casted a whole Disney movie of characters. For those who are interested this is where I have been storing the camera.

I have placed the camera inside of the grey plantpot to make sure it is kept dry and not too much in sight. As you can see in the right picture, the plantpot is right outside my front door and under my window. So these animals are coming right to my doorstep! It’s amazing, it really is. The camera I have been using is called Boblov Trail Camera. I think after this week I will definitely look into get one of my own to use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading! Please comment, share and follow me for more posts.


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