Song Off Challenge


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Since joining the blogging life I have been looking forward to getting involved in the community of bloggers. I have been asked to join in the Song Off Challenge! I’m honoured that I have been given the chance to get involved.

The Rules:

  • It starts with three types of genres/styles.
  • What song beats the nominators choice?  Doesn’t matter if its a cover, its about performance, lyrics and feeling the groove! Name it!
  • Nominate 3 fellow bloggers (let them know you’ve challenged them).
  • Add the previous song choice so that bloggers can see how it compares to what you’ve picked to beat it
  • Add a fourth genre to the mix (the idea is that the nominee picks three out of the 4 genres to song-off with you) adding to the variety.

My answers are in Blue

Genre 1 – Love Song

Greatest Love Story by LANCO

My choice is     A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

My reason for choosing this is because I think the lyrics are beautiful and really give me a real sense of love.

Genre 2 – Grunge

Halestorms Cover of  Hunger Strike originally performed by Temple of the Dog

My choice is      The Pretender by Foo Fighters

I love Halestorm but this song was the first song in my head, who doesn’t love Foo Fighters?

Genre 3 – Empowered

Rachel Platten’s Fight Song

My choice is     P!nk- F**kin’ Perfect

I think this song speaks so much to most people, a feel good song if not a bit sad.

Genre 4 – Classic

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

My choice is Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune

I will forever love this tune but it was a very hard choice between Chopin Nocturne op 9 No 2. Then I almost picked Fur Elise because it’s the doorbell tune…

Bonus Genre – Dance

My Choice is 24K Magic – Bruno Mars

This song makes me want to dance and it’s been played alot in my house this week!

I was nominated by WitandWhimsy Please check out her blog she has some really good inspiring posts!

I nominate



Travel Parable

Check out theire blogs too!

I had alot of fun doing this, I hope my nominee’s do too also feel free to post your own answers in the comments!


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