Our Easter

Happy Late Easter everyone!

It’s been not the best of Easter’s in our home as I have been ill and “sadly” passed it on to the boyfriend. So I’ve decided I would share some photographs of our Easter activities with you all and a get to know me a bit more with fun questions I found online.

Fact 1 – My favourite quote is ‘ And though she be but little, she is fierce.’ – Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I love Shakespeare and I see my daughter in this quote so much, everyday she suprises me and her smile can light up a thousand stars.


Fact 2 -What I’m afraid of – I’m not a typically frightened person. I mean you could say ‘I’m scared of moths’ but the thing that scares me the most is that when I die I don’t remember anything that’s ever happened and that life will cease to continue without me.

Fact 3 – What I collect – I have a collection of around maybe 200 + train tickets collected from 2010 to present day. I have no real reason for keeping these but they are worth so much more than face value to me especially when you’ve been collecting them for nearly a decade.

Fact 4 – Meaning behind my blog name – I’m a massive Alice in Wonderland fan as some of you already know. I believe we all have our own Wonderland which is life so as I write about what happens in my life. I get What’s in my Wonderland.


Fact 5 – Where I’ve travelled – I love travelling but I’m also a homing pigeon. I’ve been to Ireland, France, Canary Islands, and Cyprus. There are many more places I would love to see, I haven’t been abroad since 2013. My grandparents used to live in Cyprus and I have an Uncle who currently lives there.

Fact 6 – An average day – An average day almost always ends with us sitting on the sofa together with a blanket watching TV, everyday like that is a good day in my opinion.

I hope that is a bit more helpful in understand the complex human that is myself, back to Easter, my Amelia is coming home from nursery making Easter Bunny hats, which then led to a text about a Easter Bonnet Parade. So we decided to make our own hats, even the cat got one made.


We didn’t go out and buy loads of stuff, we just used what we had in the house which at the time felt a bit dissapointing for myself but Amelia didn’t care she had loads of fun, she is definitely creative and has an amazing imagination and couldn’t wait to take her and cat with their hats into nursery the next day.

I hope next year we can have an Easter Egg hunt in the garden (which is currently a project in itself and will feature in another blog.) and do something a bit more exciting! I have taken part in a writers movement called Project Mysterious which will be one of my new post’s I’m very excited to share with you all.


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