Power of the Mind – Short Story


People are afraid of what they don’t understand, people shy away from the unknown. People were afraid of her, the truth is they were afraid of what they couldn’t understand. You are invincible. If you control your own mind, you can control the minds of those around you.

There she stood, right there. In the clearing of trees, ivy, and vacant wood. Below her feet  scattered on the grass were fifty-two playing cards. She wore a dark coloured jacket making her identity unknown to the World, she really was completely unidentifiable. She liked it that way, her power over mind was something she didn’t want people knowing about her personally.

She willed the cards on the floor. She felt complete control for once over the mind, body, and soul. At this moment she was not in the middle of a woods, she was inside her own mind, with complete focus she willed the cards again. Without opening her loosely closed eyes, she knew that the cards had risen, she felt her pursed lips slightly curl at the corners. Like stars in the sky, they shone over her head.

She opened her eyes to still stare at the grass below her feet, the grass seemed more saturated without the cards cascading it. Life seemed brighter. She took a stride forwards and began to continue her way through the forest. She felt consumed by the power at times, and it scared her. She finally felt the fear of those around her.

Written in response to Creative Ink Writing Image Prompt Competition for April 2018.

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