Ever wanted to see what your toddler see’s?

Imagine being able to see through the eyes of your toddler? Same life, same Day, just a different perspective.

I bought my daughter a camera for her 3rd Birthday.

I know what you are thinking, not a DSLR or anything but a VTEC Kidizoom. Being a photographer myself as well as my boyfriend means Amelia sees us on the camera’s a lot. She is a very curious yet creative little girl. I thought by giving her one she can be involved more and maybe even learn something. It’s a month today since her birthday which means she has been taking a lot of photographs.


I was so skeptical thinking oh well she may not even want to take photographs, or she may just not want to play with a camera. At least once a day I get asked ‘MUM where is my camera?’ ‘GET MY CAMERA’ when she sees something she thinks is slightly interesting.

The results were a lot better than I anticipated.

I realized a lot especially when you say ‘Take a picture out of the window’, it never occurred to me that she could not actually see out of the window. Or take a picture of mummy’s flowers and she can barely see over the worktop.

Of course, she took a few selfies.

Below I have put together a gallery of her photograph’s. Please take a little look through.

For any of you interested in buying one Amazon has some good deals on, just click on the photo to view in blue or pink:

I would like to post more of her photographs if my followers are interested to see how she progresses.  Comment if you would like her to have her own photography page or just an update blog every now and then.


  1. This is so cute!! My daughter has the same camera that her grandmother bought her but she’s still too little to really get it. She’s not even two so I suspect as she gets bigger it will be more and more appealing to her! Most of her photos so far are of my feet and knees lol! I would love to see updates with your daughter’s photography on your blog! It’s such a creative and cute idea for her as well as a great opportunity to see things from a kiddo’s perspective!

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