10 Favourite all-time Movies

To say I’m a bit of a hoarder is probably a bit of a lie. I love buying things on disk which  I suppose really helped us out in the first month or two in our first house as we didn’t have any internet. We watched practically every DVD I own which is probably over a hundred.We spend most of our time watching Netflix now but I thought I would share my favourite films and why with you all.

In no particular order –

Cast Away – I had actually never seen this film until last month but I can say I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it. I think you really think about how you would be in that situation. I’m still trying to buy myself a Wilson, everyone needs a Wilson. Wilsooooon.


Alice in Wonderland – Massive fan of the animated film too but as a mum of a toddler, I don’t spend too much time on my own watching Disney. I love it but not that much. I love stepping into a different fantasy and looking forward to watching Alice through the Looking Glass soon.. (HINT to my boyfriend)

F&F – No explanation because it’s fab. Okay?

Need for Speed – I remember dragging my brother to go see this despite the fact he didn’t want to. The word forced springs to mind but I think he liked it in the end. The characters are great and the story is gripping as a car lover I fell in love with this film.

The Breakfast Club – I think I first watched this around age 13? I actually had Simple Minds – Don’t you (Forget about me) as my ringtone for a while… I don’t think this film will ever go out of fashion, at least I hope not that would mean I was getting old.

Starter for 10 – This film is an amazing book, if you ever get the chance to read, so many great quotes. I love that this film motivates and inspires me to do what you love, and what you are good at despite what people may think.

Baby Driver – This is a relatively new film, the soundtrack is just outstanding. It’s a film that has a bit of everything in it, romance, action, comedy.

10 things I hate about you – An old but fantastic film. A young Heath Ledger, what’s not to love, funny and romantic based on the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew, lovable charcters and such a classic film.

Forrest Gump – Yes, another Tom Hanks film. No I am not a fan… I can’t say Cast Away without Forrest Gump right? I mean isn’t cast away basically Forrest Gump stuck on an island? This film is just inspiring, sad and lovable. I often quote Gump annoyingly to my family and boyfriend.

Marley and Me – Love dogs? If you haven’t seen this film a thousand times and cried every single time then you have no heart! Marley is the worst/best dog in the world, and we all see a bit of Marley in our own dogs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, please feel free to comment your favourite movies in the comments. Please Share, comment, like and follow me on WordPress for more.

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