UPDATE and A massive Thank you!

To start this blog post I would love to say how much I appreciate reaching 50 follower’s on What’s in my Wonderland? it may sound small but it’s such a massive milestone for me and my 2 and a half months old Blog!

thank you

I thought it would be nice to brush up on some of my previous post’s and update you on our Wonderland of a life. I will attempt to do an update at the beginning of every month to try touch up on lifestyle thing’s that are not on my usual blog post’s.

As it was my first post, I’d like to say with the utmost confidence that Ham Ham Mark II is still alive! I don’t think I should be this proud… He’s settled in massively now and is becoming a bit of a pain as he chews at his bar’s and makes his nose go bald. The sound is irritating but I guess I’m kind of used to it now.


Since we have been working on the mess of what was a garden, we are now able to shut the gates of our drive meaning the foxes are not getting in as much as they were but they are still very much there. I see them when I’m walking up the road sometime’s and I sing aloud to try to alert them I’m there so they don’t spook me out. The garden is starting to look better day by day and my little helper loves shoving her gloves on and getting stuck in.

My tadpoles have finally hatched and they are so fascinating to watch, I have started taking a picture of them every couple of day’s and I hope to eventually make a little flip photo type thing where you can see the changes they make, until eventually, they turn into frog’s and then naturally decide they want a better pond.


The weather in the UK has started to pick up, meaning the Photography work is starting to pick back up and hopefully some summer-related post’s coming soon. I’m attending the Oxton Secret Garden’s 2018 on the 13th (Next Sunday) and of course, I’m taking my camera and hopefully get some permission to take photo’s and will write about it. Hopefully, I will get some inspiration for my garden.

I have made an Instagram for the blog which is https://www.instagram.com/whatsinmywonderland/?hl=en send a follow request. I posted on there about our three-day Drone filming, I hope to have that up on here in a couple of days depending on the editing. I will be more active on Instagram in the day’s where I am not posting for those wanting more about our Wonderland.

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