What I found at the Secret Gardens of Oxton 2018

I attended the 18th year of the Secret Gardens of Oxton, I went in the hope of some inspiration for my own garden. With that in mind, I couldn’t wait to see the 27 gardens being showcased and even see some of the entertainment that was being shown.

We got up late because it’s a Sunday and nobody likes being up early on a Sunday. We visited each house in numerical order (the boyfriend insisted) then when we couldn’t find a house all of a sudden he was willing to skip numbers. We prevailed though.


I loved mostly the decorations in peoples gardens, the sheds, little seating areas. There was some real stunning garden’s and views, that I didn’t even know existed. There was even a bush shaped like a mouse with googly eyes. What could be better? It was nice to get out and photograph and admire the art of Gardening. I was very surprised by the number of people who had been attending the event, the weather was lovely it just felt so weird wandering into people’s gardens to snoop and take pictures.

I loved seeing the transformations that people had made over their years living in the houses, not everybody has the imagination to create something out of nothing. It can take a very long time to get something looking the way you want it to. It also can be very hard work trying to maintain it’s beauty especially with the weather we have in England.

I think my favourite part of the entertainment was watching the Mersey Morris Men, they were so intersting and really made me smile watching them enjoy themselves. I recorded a short video here on my Youtube.

I have made a list of thing’s I have learned today.

  • In 5 hours, we walked 7 miles, considering all the houses were all within a short walk of each other my legs hurt.
  • As it goes our map reading skills are not as great as we thought they were. Have you walked in the right direction and ended up in the wrong direction? Yeah, me too.
  • I don’t even blame myself for getting lost I blame the terribly laid out map. I ain’t Dora the Explorer you know!
  • Gardener’s love puns.
  • You’d be surprised by what’s hiding behind people’s fences.
  • Tulips are popular in Oxton, I think around 6 out of 27 didn’t have tulips.


I have found so many beautiful things today and couldn’t wait to share my photo’s with you all. I hope you get some inspiration from my photographs too. Please browse the gallery and watch my Youtube video of the Mersey Morris Men.

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