The Adventure’s of our Cat

We have a secret member of our family that only close family are aware of:

Meet Puss Puss the Build-A-Bear Cat.

Puss Puss joined our family on the 29th August 2017, a present to myself off my boyfriend. Amelia found a deep love for this cat and they have been inseparable ever since. I loved him too, but I couldn’t deny the fact she loves and needs him a lot more than I do.


I get asked at Amelia’s nursery all the time ‘How’s your cat?’ What? I don’t have a cat! Everywhere we go, the cat comes. Every night she sleep’s with the cat, wakes up with the cat, whatever emotion she has the cat is there. I can’t remember our life before Puss Puss because he is always there. I even got told by her once ‘The Cat told me you were in my room’. The drama, tears and laughter that has come from this stuffed toy is unreal. No amount of words will describe how much she loves this cat.


Last weekend we realized the cat’s voice box in his foot had started to die and make the most awful noise.  We have had it under a year! At this point, I’m preparing for the meltdown. This cat can not be broken under any circumstances. I prepared myself to inform Amelia her cat was not well and needed to go the Vets. The minute she pressed his foot, her face looked horrified choking back tears. We prepared Cat for surgery with the help of my mum.


I made the boyfriend ring Build-a-Bear trying to find a solution to this uncatlike sound coming from the voice box.  They say to him ‘bring him in and we can replace it’. I then realised it was time to plan a trip to Build-a-Bear.

Amelia had never even been to the shop before or even owned one as it was never bought for her or made by her. I set off with no actual idea of what was going to happen. We went in and I explained ‘We’ve got a very poorly cat’ I pressed the button for them and they assure me ‘it happens all the time’. They proceeded to replace his voice box as Amelia and I browse the shop to look for some new accessories

While I was there, I decided to ask if they could print off a new birth certificate, so as of 21st May 2018 Amelia is the adopted owner of Puss Puss. She got to bring him home like it should of been the first time!


Could not explain how much of an amazing experience this was for us both, the look on Amelia’s face says it all. She couldn’t be happier and neither could I. She parade’s round her new certificate which will soon get framed for her bedroom wall.

Welcome Home Puss Puss.

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