Saying Hello to June 2018! (Life Update)

It’s finally  June!


I can’t believe we are nearly halfway through the year, It feels like the year is flying by. My blog is 4 months old this month! I feel like celebrating that I have stuck to it and continued to expand my blog!

May has been very interesting in my household, I have been suffering personal issues which has meant I have not been out as much as I usually am, which I may write about at some point, this I feel has put a bit of a strain on a lot of things. My daughter is hitting that age where she’s 3 going on 13 and think’s that everything you say is optional. We are starting to introduce rewards for when she is good to hopefully eliminate the not so good behavior.

Despite that, I have quite a lot of things planned for this month!

I will be posting my favourite recipes for Cupcakes as I have a Cupcake day planned to help raise money for the Alzheimers Society which I will also blog about and what this charity means to me.

I have been focusing on being a lot more charitable in the last year so I am also planning a Big Toddle event by Bernado’s for my daughter to be able to help raise money for the Children who are helped by this charity.

I’m also super excited about a new project I started last month I’m hoping to get finished this month and launch it for you all. I really hope you love it as much as me as it has been every time to consume and I’d have a lot of obstacles thrown my way whilst making it. I have posted a few sneak peeks on my Instagram which I will link below for those who don’t already follow me.

I may have a few other unplanned spontaneous posts coming up. I cannot tell you any more about them I’m afraid.

I have set personal goals for my blog this month, as I am starting to get more involved in trying to expand my blog on other social media networks. It’s been half term this week and the sun has been absolutely unbearable for me. Which is why my blog flow has been off. Sun makes me tired, okay? All I do is sleep and eat. My little girl playing with her friend in the pool meanwhile I melt wishing I was a penguin.


Heres a link to my Instagram and Youtube all of which I will be trying to update more. I am trying to get a video camera ASAP as I would love to experiment more with Video but it’s not really possible at the moment on my DSLR.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list I will be using this when my project goes live which I will let you know the date as soon as I can confirm.

If I am not heard from in a couple of day’s I’m probably melted somewhere in the deep abyss. I hope you are all enjoying whatever weather you have and starting to get June Vibes!

Please follow me, like and comment, it really helps me know what you would like to read from me!

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