I Feel Pretty Film Review

I was meant to post this last month but never got round to finishing the post! Sorry!

I took my Best friend to see this film for her 21st! We had the whole cinema to ourselves for the majority of the film as the other 2 people walked out halfway through the film and never returned, I didn’t even know people did that!


Amy Schumer plays the main role of a woman Renee, who has issues with her body and her self-esteem. Renee is an average woman with a mediocre job, she has friends but not very many.  She knows she wants/needs a change in her life, but the people around her make her feel unaccepted, shamed and generally hurt by their actions to her image. She loves her job but is pushed to the side where no one can see her, out of sight and completely out of mind. Renee doesn’t have the confidence to start a conversation and doesn’t make a spectacle of herself.  Renee has an accident that makes her think and see herself different which makes her feel confident in herself.

Her new found confidence gives her the power to land a new job, find a date and make new friends. Renee finds the ability to talk for herself, to show people the real her, no matter how she looks on the outside. When she begins to love herself, the people around her begin to love her who normally wouldn’t give her the time of day. She struggles to balance her new popularity and her old friends but eventually realizes that the best people are the people who loved you before you become popular. The people who stick by you no matter what you look like etc.




Although at times this movie was humorous, I feel like the message of this movie could help many women who all have issues with their bodies and with their confidence. Which let’s face it is a lot of us. Renee realizes that she is not the only one who has problems with the way she looks. She then notices that everyone is beautiful and if you feel beautiful within yourself then others will notice.

I think another message this film gave me was to stop body shaming! Everywhere we look is the idea of a perfect body, when the truth is no one has the perfect body, same as the way no one has a perfect life! Let’s start to believe in ourselves and fill each other with compliments.

Compliment someone, a loved one, a friend even a stranger! Tell them that their bag looks amazing, ask them where they got that dress, tell them they look beautiful. Not only will it help your own confidence but it also made someone else’s day.

Let’s make a better world for tomorrow, together.

If you get the time to watch this movie, please do, I felt it was very inspirational and motivational to try and boost my confidence in myself.

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