Alzhiemers Society Cupcake Day

The long-awaited anticipation of my cupcake day is over, I’m so thankful for everyone who helped out and came to make this day special. This post is mostly going to be picture’s as I dont have a massive deal of things to write about!

The reason I decided to participate in this day is because I lost my Great Nan in 2017, she suffered from Dementia for many years. I cannot describe how upsetting it was to watch someone you love to lose themselves to this. She will remain one of the greatest women in my life and love her has taught me many things. I decided to host this cupcake day to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society to help other’s who’s lives have been affected by this.

Together we raised £49.34, I couldn’t be happier with how the day turned out and I couldn’t thank everyone enough for donating. My cake recipes are in my previous blog post for you all to try out! Everyone enjoyed them and I spent 12 hours baking in 2 day’s, I’m glad it’s all finally come together and I can see the results of my work. I had fun baking and also seeing my friends and family, I am so proud of myself for actually making the effort for this day.

“I really enjoyed the vanilla and strawberry cupcake the most. This cake was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth while having the sponge remain soft. My next favourite cake was the rocky road cakes. This cake was less sweet than the other but the hint of almonds gave the cake a great texture. However, I was covered in chocolate icing (leaving more for latter). I really enjoyed my day and think that Ge made a great effort with the day and made a lasting memory for all.” – Liz

I hope you all enjoyed looking through my pictures and reading about my day I’m unsure what my next post will be about so please keep updates through my Instagram and Pinterest for more about my life. I hope you have enjoyed this post!




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