My very first Project: Tie Dye Tote bags

I have been so excited to launch this with you all!

I am that girl that is unique and loves to wear clothes that stand out, sometimes this can be different, you go out and buy a bag you like then to see 5 people wearing it the next day.

You buy that scarf, then everyone has it.

A lot of hard work has gone into making these bags and I really hope that you love them as much as I.



I have made Tie Dyed Tote bags which are all different, colors and pattern. I will be selling these bags in my new Online Shop.

I am also running a competition for your chance to win one for free! (the UK only) *

Tote Bag (1).JPG

All you have to do is – (The more you do the more entries)

  • Follow my blog (if you have a WordPress account)
  • Follow me on Pinterest
  • Follow me on Instagram
  • Follow on Youtube
  • Sign up to my mailing list (pop up on this page)                                                                                                                           

Comment your email address and user names on this post when you have done (I can then contact you if you win!) IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT BELOW YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED AS I HAVE NO WAY OF TRACKING DOWN MY ENTRIES!


All bags are 100% natural cotton, Tie Dyed and printed by hand. The print on the bag is ‘’.

Hopefully, if there is enough interest I may look into making specific bags for people, I also now have the ability to sequin bags. That may be something that can happen down the line.

Please like, share and comment on this post if you like and don’t forget to enter the competition.

*The reason this competition only runs in the UK is that sadly  I currently cannot afford to post anything out of the UK.


11 thoughts on “My very first Project: Tie Dye Tote bags

  1. Signed up! I couldn’t find your pinterest though:(

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    1. Whats your Pinterest I will follow you and then you can find me back 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ve added you to the competition list 🙂 You’re entered!

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  2. It’s a nice idea and loved your bags…I understand how much hard work goes in it as I once tie dyed a meter long cloth for my dress…but then never put my hands in it again…Because the hectic procedure it has…,and as for not able to post out side UK, never mind I will wait for your other contests which don’t require you to post outside.


    1. Thanks so much it means alot! I’m glad you liked the bags, shipping out of the UK will cost me over 3 pound which is not really within my budget at the moment, I will hopefully be looking to post outside the UK if this proect really kicks off!


      1. I wish all the best for your success and would love to be your first client out of UK. Once I had a dream to visit UK. ..some sort of connection I feel…


      2. I have priced up shipping to US and India and added those on to my shops sales, if you wish to buy one 🙂 Hope this helps.. It is a bit pricey but I cannot afford to pay shipping free 😦 UK is a lovely place if you ever come, many things to see 🙂


      3. I understand completely☺


      4. And of course it’s a beautiful place. My hubby has been there 2 years back… I think one day I might be visiting the place soon


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