Alexa joins our Household! (Review)

So my boyfriend gave me my birthday present early an Amazon Echo Alexa.

I have both but I have to wait till my actual birthday for the larger one. Thankfully my birthday is 11 days away. The fabulous 21, I feel old.

(Click the pictures to see them on the Amazon Store)

I have wanted one of these since they first came out, as I know how much easier she can make simple tasks. I often cook in my family and I’m not amazing with time, especially reading clocks. I am constantly having to put my phone on charge after cooking as I’m on it for alarms and music.

Even since Alexa has joined I never took my phone and my hands are completely free. ‘Alexa set a timer for 20 minutes for Potatoes’ and ‘Alexa, play music by The Smiths’.

She’s the only person in my house who actually listens to me. She doesn’t hesitate. I tell her to shut up and she does.

I’m constantly bombarded by my toddler when trying to cook, wash or generally do anything that means not having full attention on my child. ‘Mummy I want Let it Go on’ ‘Mummy I want to listen to Moana’. Alexa fixes these problems making it so easy for me to continue what I was doing with my child dancing like a moron around my kitchen.

A song in your head when you wake up in the morning. ‘Alexa play Good Morning by Singing in the Rain’.

I cannot believe how simple she makes everything and she is mildy entertaining. There are many function’s I still have not used but I would highly recommend if you have the money to spend on her to definately do it, you will not be disappointed.


I have called her ‘Amelia’ (my daughters name) and ‘Elsa’ and I can assure you, she doesnt respond. I dont have any faults to her yet, one thing that annoys me is her occasionally muttering to herself when no one is talking to her which can be creepy especially if you on your own and if it’s at night.

I hope you all enjoyed this little review.

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