Live a Healthy, Happy July and rest of 2018.

To start Happy 1st of July, I actually turn 21 tomorrow, I cannot believe it. I hope this post can help some people who are in need of it!

Lately, I have been living life like a broken record, I feel run down, I feel fed up with being fed up. Every day is the same, nothing ever changes. It is so easy to get stuck in this routine and not so easy to get out of. It can be very bad for your mental and physical health to feel this way.

If you feel my words then this post is for you. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I can try and make my life that tiny bit more exciting and different.

I want to share the ideas and thing’s I am and will be trying out with you, to help anyone else who feels the same as I do

1. Dress for your personality and feelings.


I’m not a massive clothes girl but I know some people don’t like the way I dress, I wear tights with socks, obsessed with long cardigans and polka dots. I think clothes are a great way of expression and this can help me sometimes feel better. Wear that top you bought 3 months ago that still has the label on it. The only person stopping you is you. Start feeling more confident in yourself and trust your own style.

2. Start a new hobby.

I am very much the person that says I’d love to do that then it never ends up happening. Not anymore. I started this blog as a hobby because I enjoy writing and I enjoy photography. I have neglected my blog in the past month or so but I promise I’m back for good. I am also planning on starting to do Yoga, and relearn some more sign language with my daughter. Having a hobby can give you something to look forward to when you’re having a rough day.

I will be posting soon about my yoga journey to let you all know how I am getting on!

3. Eat healthier.


I’m not talking about a full-on diet or lifestyle change but I know that when I feel a particular way my whole diet gets messed up, I don’t eat or I junk food eat. What I mean is change your tinned tomatoes for fresh tomatoes. Have an Actimel a day (this is something I do). Buy the wholegrain bread instead of the normal white. I swear you will feel better about yourself for doing so.

4. Set Daily Goals.


By this I mean small, reasonable goals. The whole idea is to make yourself feel accomplished by the end of it. If you set an unrealistic goal that you end up not achieving will only make you feel worse. Something as simple as ‘Today I’m going to read a book’ or ‘Today I will wake up earlier’. Little small accomplishments can make your day so much brighter. For me, Today’s goal is writing this post and actually posting it. Spend some time doing something you want to do!

5. Do it now.

What I mean by that if there is something that you want or need to do, instead of doing it later or tomorrow (which we all know never happens.) Do it NOW. If you can make it possible then do it, you will only feel better for it, one less thing to worry about. My boyfriend and I have started tidying our house before we go to bed. That way when we wake up in the morning we feel a lot less stressed, no piles of last night’s dishes.

6. Give a compliment a day.

I know you have probably heard this one a lot. But it does work! Leave post-it notes around your house for your significant other or children. Say something nice to the person serving you in a shop, a compliment can make another person’s day. Eventually, you will start to receive them back.

july post.png

I’m giving my new routine a month to see how well it goes and hopefully continue through 2018. Make a change now, don’t wait for New Year for new beginnings. Every day is a new beginning, so let’s work and make every day a better day than yesterday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it might have inspired you in any way. It has been lovely for me to share this all with you and I look forward to sharing more of my progress with you all.

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