Creative Journal Idea

I started a new personal project with my friend on the 5th, the idea was to create a journal that was creative, fun and very unique and personal. A boredom saver and something to do as friends. We are both young mum’s and do not always get much ‘me’ time.

We bought 2 plain A5 recycled journals (good for Mother Earth) for under 2 pounds from Home Bargains and a small mason jar for 30p which is adorable.

blank journalJOurnal cover.jpg

We took the back and front cover off and decorated with paper, stencils and a polaroid of ourselves. You can decorate your cover however you like. Make it unique and personal to you. This journal is for you, not for everyone else.

Screenshot (48).png

Create a list of rules for yourself to follow and inspire you to keep at it. The list above is ones I thought of, you can use this as a guide for your own rules.

Use anything you want, photographs, words, collages, drawings, office supplies, everyday objects, and nature, etc.

Be as wild or as normal as you want it to be. This book should be a true reflection of yourself.

We then compiled a list of things to do on each page of our journal for example:

  • Star Sign

  • Favourite  Memory
  • Movie Inspired

  • doodle page

  • Places I want to go

  • Places I’ve been

  • Space themed page

  • Things that make me happy

  • Make this page 3D

  • Design A tattoo

  • Favourite Song Lyric

  • At my Funeral

  • Plan your wedding

  • Family Tree

  • My favourite person

  • My Fears

  • Beach Inspired

  • Nature Inspired

  • Favourite Disney Character
  • Plan a date

  • Make a recycled page

We wrote these down on paper and cut them out, folded and put them in a jar. We decided we will pick one out every week and design a page based on that topic. You could do 1 a day, week or month it’s entirely up to you.

Screenshot (46).png

The Idea of this journal was to create some ‘me’ time and get more creative as finding time to do these things can be overwhelming. Journalling has been a major part of my life as I have been doing it since around age 10. Writing about your day can become incredibly boring and also difficult especially if you forget to write and they cannot remember what you did. I have had this problem way too many times in my life. I feel this journal is very much not my day by day life but instead, it is about things I love, my hopes, plans, aspirations, and memories all rolled into a very artistic book.

Our next challenge is to Bullet Journal and we have both ordered this Journal of Amazon for only £3.17, click on the picture to be taken to Amazon to view!

I will be making a Pinterest board for my Creative Journal and One for my Bullet Journal. So keep an eye out on there if you would like to see more.

My next post will either be about my Bullet Journal or my Yoga, I am also reading a new book for a review and planning a summer post! I look forward to hearing about your journals.

NEW tie-dye tote bags are coming as we are officially sold out! Watch this space.

Have a wonderful day and happy journalling.


2 thoughts on “Creative Journal Idea

  1. disneymummyabs Jul 8, 2018 — 11:47 am

    Some fantastic ideas lovely xxxx


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