Interview with my three-year-old

The joys of trying to find something to do in the Summer, especially when it has been raining a lot lately in the UK. Today I decided to do something a bit different and I rolled up a few questions to ask Amelia who is 3 1/2, her answer’s where not very long but some of her answers were really great I thought for her age. I decided to share them on my blog and I hope you enjoy reading them!

I decided to accompany this post with my recent photoshoot of Amelia dressed as Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood.


How old are you?    Old

How old is mummy?      Big

What is your favourite Teddy?    The cat.  (The cat from the previous post)

What is your favourite game?      Hide and Seek

What is your favourite colour?     Blue   (because of Frozen)

Who is your best friend?      Evelyn   (my best friends little girl)

What do you want to be when you’re older?    Elsa

What are you good at?        Playing with Playdoh  ( Leaving it all over the carpet)

What is mummy good at?   Drawing  (I wouldn’t say so)

What is James good at?       Working

What makes you happy?     Mummy

What makes you sad?        Monsters   ( She is obsessed with monsters at the moment)

What scares you?         Nana   (My mum, she did laugh after she said it P.S sorry mum)

What is your favourite song?      Let it Go

What is your favourite drink?     Special juice   (Just regular juice but she doesn’t know the difference)


I’d  love to try and encourage you all to ask your little ones, I had great fun and felt like it was a great time to bond with Amelia and also keep up on what she likes. I think I will defiantly do this again next year and possibly record it for  my Youtube!

I hope you enjoyed this post as a small quick post whilst I work on some bigger posts! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Summer!

Please comment your thoughts and get in contact with me! Your opinions mean so much to me!

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2 thoughts on “Interview with my three-year-old

  1. this is the most adorable thing ever! she must look so adorable, while like she would answer all these questions! i wish, you’d record her! loved this!


    1. I will definitely record her next time I do one, probably be after Christmas 🙂


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