Lush Product Review.

So I have definitely had too many nice peaceful baths bringing this post to you all. I love lush. I really do, I  love bath bombs and all things that smell delicious and relaxing. I love that I can feel good about myself when buying from a brand that is against animal testing!

I often use Lush products and can’t explain how great they make me feel. I thought I would review some of the ones I had at the moment, not just for my pleasure but to help you all decide which products you would like.

Sleepy Body Lotion

I have had Sleepy for a while now, I remember buying when hearing its famous reviews for helping you sleep better. The first time I used it I was still a photography student, I didn’t get much sleep due to deadlines. The smell of sleepy is absolutely amazing, it is mostly Lavender. Which if you like me, love the smell of Lavender, this is the product for you. I would not go as far to say this product sent me to sleep, but it definitely put me in a dreamlike state to sleep, it helped my body relax and I use it when I am most stressed and tired. It absorbed super quick and made my skin feel very smooth to touch.

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

The smell of tea tree oil of this product took me back to my Childhood, I loved the smell so much as a child. I’m not a massive face mask user, I’m not 100% sure I ever like them, I felt on board to try this product despite the fact I have quite clear spot free skin. I also put this on my boyfriend to see how it worked on his skin. I felt the smell changed a lot more on my face than it did in the tub. I didn’t realize but there were actual tea tree leaves in the mask, I didn’t find the mask very easy to wash off but it has left my skin somewhat paler than I was. I am a pale individual but now I feel like Casper. Most parts of my face feel softer, other than the bits I have not rinsed properly. I then learned James had no issues removing his mask and his face feels a lot softer than mine.

Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

Secret Arts Jelly Bomb.jpg

If you have ever tried a lush bath bomb you will understand what I mean when I say it never gets boring dropping that bomb into the bath and watching the magic happen. The Magic happened and it was glorious. There was a slight shimmer to the water, and the jelly part of the title delivered. The water was so soft it felt like it didn’t even get my skin wet at all. The smell of this bomb has stayed on my skin and I feel so much more relaxed after using it. If you love bathing in dark purple mysterious water, this is the bomb for you! It reminded me of Wizardry as purple was not visible at all until it was half dissolved.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar


I’m going, to be honest, I didn’t know what to do with this bar so I threw it in my bath like a bath bomb. (I don’t put them in I threw them like a Pokeball and shout ‘Pikachu I choose you’). Am I the only one? When it landed a lot of small bubbles began to rise until eventually, my bath was… bubbly. The water turned a slightly pink and I would say I literally got the perfect ratio of bath/bubble out of this bar. Bonus – it smelt like a candy shop!

Think Pink Bath Bomb


I’m not a pink kind of girl but the colour of the water after this bomb looked so pretty. Once again the bath left the water that soft, with a silky type of feel. I loved the feel of the bomb beforehand, so it was even more magical in the water. I felt like barbie before, during and after!

Rocket Science Bath Bomb


I love this, I think it’s adorable! It reminds me of being a child again! The colour it turns the bath is a beautiful blue, how you wish the sea did look. It gave me a beach and summer feel which is good with it being August, Summer is slowly coming to an end. There’s nothing better than a good photogenic bath bomb which all lush products are. I’m sure any sci-fi fans out there would love this as a gift!

Ickle Baby Bath Bot


I cannot believe how cute this little guy is! I think he would make a great gift for someone who’s having or just had a little boy. I think he looks just like old robot toy’s, The smell was almost baby powder like. He fizzed amazing, It’s always a good bath when Lush is around.

Pink Flamingo Bath Bomb


So I wondered for a while, why he had a stick. I had no purpose for the stick. Am I meant to hold the stick while the bomb dissolves? I tried this. Then I decided to just leave it. Returned to get in my bath and then wondering why I had a stick in my bath with me! Then I realized, It is his legs. Massive faceplant moment! Wouldn’t recommend leaving your stick in the bath. Besides my stick fails, this bomb was great, it dissolved much quicker than the rest due to it being smaller but it was amazing! The water ended up a pink/orange which was very much the colour of flamingo, I think Lush have done a fantastic job at creating this!

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb


I have used this bomb multiple times! I wish I could show you what’s hiding under this shell, but that would be telling. Definitely one of my favorite’s, like any egg there is something magical inside. I don’t think I’ve ever had a product from Lush I have not loved! I love to try to get different every time so eventually, I can say I’ve tried them all!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I have loved creating this post, it was very enjoyable and I hope you find it easier to pick some bath bombs and another product’s from Lush. I would love to review more things for you all to read. Also do remember, if you buy from Lush when you return 5 empty tubs back to your store you can get a free tub of face mask!

I know some of my comments are a bit smaller on some of these products, I found all of the things I tried were up to my standards. I liked every one of them, even the face mask that didn’t do much for me!

I’m sad to say I’m out of Lush now until my next spree! I have finally finished my next load of Tie Dye bags and I’m hoping to get some pictures and post them for sale this week! I will be planning September’s blog post’s this week and I promise I will be more active next month as I know this month I have let it slide.

Thank’s for sticking with me! Don’t forget to follow me on Youtube, Instagram , Pinterest and Facebook!

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