How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination

It is so easy to get stuck in a cycle of doing the same things day in day out and not achieving the things you want to do. For me, this is blogging. I’ve spent the past 26 days wanting to write and failing miserably to do so. I have made a step by step instruction for myself to help get out of this terrible routine of not accomplishing what I want. You can apply this to any aspect of your life; career, hobby, breaking bad habits, etc.

1. Realising you are stuck and need a change.

Once you are aware of the problem you are so much more likely to figure out a way to change. The only way you’re going to make a change is by wanting a change.


2.Have an end goal.

Know what your end result is. Is there someone who does this who you aspire to be like? Is there something you wish to gain out of doing this? Make a Pinterest board of your end goal, or make a physical mood board tohelp yourself remember why you are doing it.

Motivational board

Here is a motivational board I have on Instagram of thing’s I want and things that inspire me to carry on. Follow me on Pinterest here. Make both long-terms (bigger goals) and short-term (smaller goals) work towards each small goal before taking on a bigger one.

3. Start making small steps.

Whatever it is you are wanting to achieve is not going to be overnight. You have to work for it and not give up when thing’s get hard. If your goal is to learn to drive, book your first lesson and you are already making a start towards. Set small goals don’t push yourself to have the end product straight away. Be realistic and try to not overwhelm yourself with so much at one time.

4. Remember to reward your small accomplishments.

If you make a small step towards your end goal, you should always reward or treat yourself. Whether it be a small treat like having a break and doing something else or buying something you’ve been wanting for a long time.


5. Stay motivated and keep trying.

Always stay motivated, remember the end goal and thrive to succeed. Use YouTube, books, blogs, etc to find help if you are struggling to reach your goal. Find like-minded people who have similar goals to you. Even if you don’t succeed on the first attempt try again. Keep thinking of small ways to improve and don’t give up.


6. Thrive.

The easiest step is to thrive. Enjoy what it is you are doing and you will thrive. Praise yourself often for getting out of that cycle and doing what it is you wanted to do.

I hope you enjoy this small blog post. This post for me was taking step 3 and making a small step into stopping procrastinating and to start writing! I hope this helps some other people struggling to break the cycle and stay motivated. Thank you all for your continued support. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and my Instagram!

2 thoughts on “How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination

  1. mummymillerlife Oct 3, 2018 — 3:07 pm

    I feel like everything you said is me. I love procrastinating though aha


    1. It is way too easy to get caught up on! I think we all enjoy it a little bit haha


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