Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

I visited the Williamson Art Gallery last week for the first time in probably a year, I enjoyed it that much I found myself back there this morning. The Williamson opened in 1928, it holds some beautiful Victorian work by Albert Moore and Philip Steer. There is a lot of local work within the Gallery, as well as ship models in the Museum part which are based on Cammel Lairds, a shipbuilding company which was founded also in 1928. The Williamson also holds a great collection of Della Robbia Pottery.


The Wirral has a lot of history within it, and I just love to find out more each day about the area surrounding me. I love to get inspiration from the gallery so I thought I would share a few photographs I taken from my last two visits with you all. I love to come to the gallery when I feel like my creativity has gone dry. I get to see work’s by lot’s of artist’s to not only inspire but to motivate me to remember that once they stood exactly where I was admiring someone else and wanting to achieve that.


These are some of the ship models that the Muesuem holds, the detail within these models is incredible. The model’s here are mostly based on Ship’s that have been built in Cammell Laird’s Birkenhead’s very own shipyard and the Mersey Ferries. It holds a lot of history for the locals as Birkenhead is mostly known for its shipbuilding and seaport.



These were my favourite out of the local work by members of the Wirral Society of Arts, I really love nature-based work as I feel I can submerge myself within the image and see it with my own eyes. This Deer painting was so much more aesthetically pleasing in person. The plain white background made the deer really stand out and seem as if it was standing in front of me. I like the subtle use of colour rather than the colour taking over the whole image. The artist has used softer colours which gives it a much more natural effect of colours that you would find on a deer. I loved the forest painting I thought the use of colour was very unique compared to most paintings of forest which are mostly green. Naturally, I have never seen a forest like this in real life, it takes me to a fantasy world like something out of a novel.

man iphone

This had to be my favourite piece within this exhibition. From across the room, it looked like a photograph and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out it was actually a painting. The amount of detail within this painting, even down to the colour in his t-shirt and the tattoo, was incredible. I feel like it relates a lot to the world we are living in now, including something as simple as his phone changes this whole portrait. I believe it is so important with portraits that you reflect the individual’s personality, I believe this artist has done this perfectly.


My favourite room in the gallery was actually this room. Simply because of the graffiti type walls, I thought it was quite modern like and different from what you see in most galleries. By creating art on the wall’s they have made the room feel less empty and made use of the space, this room was a piece of art itself. The use of black on white rather than white on black still makes the room seem bigger than it was.


I’ve always loved the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum as a child, I’ve always aspired to one day have my work hung on one of these walls. I love to feel motivated by something I have always dreamed of, It is so important to have aspirations and this is one of mine.


I hope I may have inspired any of you to visit your local gallery, you would not believe some of the thing’s you can see. Don’t forget to like and comment and share this post if you like it. Don’t forget to Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.


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