How to Tie Dye

I wrote this maybe two months ago just needed to add a few things. A few people have asked how I Tie Dye so I thought I would make a How-to post with steps and tips I have tried. Learning to Tie Dye is very easy and really helps your creativity come out.


What you need:

  • Tie Dye
  • Fabric (Whatever you are dying)
  • Buckets
  • Elastic Bands
  • Cling Film
  • Sheets to cover the floor (plastic wrapping paper works perfectly)
  • White Vinegar
  • Gloves


  • Cover the area you intended on dying with newspaper or a plastic sheet if you do not wish to ruin it. (I often tend to dye outside to avoid a mess and to enjoy the nice weather.)
  • Fill at least 2 buckets full of water, you will be needing them.
  • Before you start dying, you need your cloth to be wet so the dyes run better into the fabric.
  • Once you have soaked your shirt, you are ready to start adding some crazy colour to your shirts.
  • Once you have added your colour, wrap your fabric up and cover it in cling film



It’s important to fix your new dyed item’s to avoid running of the dyes or fading within the washing machine. To fix all you need is White Vinegar and cold water.

  • Use a bucket big enough to fit all your items you are fixing inside.
  • Depending on how many items you are using you are going to want to make a solution that is half vinegar and half cold water.
  • Put the items into the water and leave within for atleast 30 minutes.
  • Remove the items, one by one, ringing out as much solution as possible.
  • Rewash your items of clothing in the washing machine

I will be producing a video for Youtube on how to tie-dye next time I actually dye which I’m excited about. I still have Tie dye bags available on my Facebook. I may also do some design video’s so you can see what types of design’s I used.

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