Happy Belated Halloween.

It was Halloween yesterday, which means it’s officially November! I hope everyone has had a fantastic and safe Halloween. For us, it was our first Halloween in our house so we got to enjoy the pleasure of carving our own pumpkins which didn’t turn out as bad as we thought they would, turns out Amelia really loved her’s and got sad to find out our dog Tishka ate last years. So this year our pumpkin was made in loving memory of last years, who knew dog’s liked pumpkins.

Amelia made her own pumpkin, which she picked herself, which she loves more than anything and I wonder how I am going to get rid of it, I don’t plan on keeping it forever. We have picked out our pumpkin seed’s to plant late may in the hope of growing our own for next year.

And of Course we had some dressing up, luckily for Amelia, she had dress up day in the nursery so she got to wear 2 Halloween costumes this year.

So I have been a bit neglectful towards this blog lately but I have a good reason why. I have been writing, it has been my dream to write my own book and I have been able to pick up on a story I started in 2017. I also have been working on some new Author Interviews including Poppy Chase, Samantha Webb and Sherry Christie. Which will be coming to you soon! These are all author’s of children’s books which have been published by Little Goblin’s books.

Please keep the lookout for my new author interview’s which will be under the book category on this blog. I will be re-categorizing my blog and hopefully have a new look for 2019, I am open to any suggestions, use the contact page to leave any suggestions for me and this blog. I have an open Pumpkin Contest on my facebook click here to enter. The prize is one of my Wonderland Prints, the winner will be picked by Amelia.

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