DIY – How I make Memory Boxes.

I’m a very sentimental person, cannot help myself I keep almost everything, train ticket’s bus tickets, cards (every occasion) etc etc. I love to create a small place where I can relive my memories and I have made many for my daughter. You may remember back in March my little girl’s Alice in Wonderland themed 3rd Birthday Party.

Here I am going to show you how I made her memory box for this. I used a shoe box for my box, you can buy a box if you want but I like to reuse stuff. #savetheplanet I liked this box because it was mostly plain. I kept everything from Amelia’s party including decoration’s so I could theme the box around the party.

To start I used the table cover, cut it to the size of the box to make the bottom of the box look less plain, you could also use wrapping paper. On the front of the box, I cut out Alice from a napkin, stuck on a cupcake topper and a sign we used inside the house. I hand wrote on what the event so everyone know’s what this memory box is for.

I stuck some of the leftover gift tag’s around the sides of the box and hand wrote a message with a picture of Alice cut out from a plastic cup.

And finally I filled the box with all the thing’s I wanted to store from the event, the door handle I made, paper flowers, cards, photo book, some of the table decorations and keepsafe’s I had made for her.

You could literally fill this box with absouletly anything. You could even just make photo box, cut out photograph’s and design the box solomely on that.

memory box (12).jpg

This was so super easy to make and it will be nice to look back on for years to come. You could make one of these as a gift for someone for Christmas. It reuses things and store’s those precious memories. I actually made this back in April, I actually totally forgotten about it until I found the photo’s I had taken.

I hope you enjoyed this small DIY post!

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