Christmas is coming! Festive Ideas.

Can you believe it there is officially 28 days left until Christmas? I’m struggling to get into the festive mood this year, normally by now I’ve watched every Christmas movie there is and started to send out my Christmas cards! So I’ve decided to write a list to help you all find things to get into the festive spirit.


1. Go to visit your local light switch on.

Look around your area or local newspaper to find if they are hosting a light switch on. Or find out about local Christmas markets. I’m looking forward to going to our local switch on Saturday (1st), Elsa from Frozen will be switching them on, so Amelia is going to be a very happy girl.

2. Bake Christmas related treats.

There are some fabulous Christmas themed baking recipes on the internet. Or if you can’t make any, pick up a gingerbread house kit. We’ve made Christmas cupcakes and biscuits.


3. If you have children, go to visit Santa’s Grotto.

There is nothing better than keeping the magic alive and watching your child’s face light up when they get to meet Santa.  Here’s an adorable throwback to the last 3 grotto visits since 2015.

4. Put up your tree and decorations.

Usually, 12 day’s before Christmas, but I think it’s a personal choice. If you want to put your tree up then do it, you might find it lightens your mood. I love to listen to Christmas song’s whilst I put up my tree, I may also dance around and sing way too loud but that’s tradition. Fun Fact- We moved in 14th December 2017 and the first peice of furniture in out house was our Christmas tree.


5. If you haven’t already started. start your Christmas shopping.

You wouldn’t realise how happy you feel about buying the people you love gifts. Treat yourself and buy a new outfit for Christmas Day.  Don’t forget to support Small Business’ this Christmas, check out some local Christmas Markets for handmade gifts. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping and I have started wrapping already!

6. Watch Christmas films.

Some Classic’s – Elf, Grinch, the Nightmare before Christmas, Home Alone, Love Actually, A Christmas Carol, Bad Santa, Nativity. Whatever Christmas film you love. My Favourite’s are Love Actually and Disney’s A Christmas Carol, they always put me in a very festive mood. If you have Netflix they have some new Christmas films including The Holiday Calendar and The Christmas Chronicles.

7. Make your own Christmas Traditions.

Some families have annual Christmas Traditions if you don’t, why not start one this year? Some people give new Pajama’s, advent calendars, Elf on the shelf, Christmas eve boxes, make your own Christmas cards or even a family photo shoot.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get into the festive spirit.

Don’t forget you can still vote for my blog on the UK Blog Awards here. Votes are open until Christmas Eve!

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