Throwback Journal – July 2017 in Wales

I found some writing I did as a journal type thing back in July 2017 when I went to visit Wales, I thought I would share it with you all and the pictures I took on my break away from college and all social media. I went to stay in a Chalet which is located in Eryrys, there is practically no phone signal there and no televisions. I thought why not post it as a little throwback!

Day 1 –

I got asked if I would go on a trip back up to the Chalet I used to stay at a lot in my teens, I still have so much coursework to be done but it’s nice to get a break away from the stress of College.

We arrived in the early afternoon after unpacking and having a cup of tea, myself and Mike set off for the Lake less than 10 minutes walk away from the Chalet over 4 styles. The Lakeside is as beautiful as I remember since first coming here in 2011 at age 13-14. There are very tall evergreens that surround the lakeside as well as a few trees spotted around in the middle of the lake. I spotted a very beautiful blue dragonfly which really made me happy to be able to take a photograph of something I wouldn’t necessarily take at home.

It’s nice and peaceful to be away and to have such a quiet environment even if I am already missing home. I took a stroll after tea to the abandoned horse shed down the road, I could hear noises from horses which felt weird considering the horse shed was abandoned and empty. Turns out there were horses in the next field which startled around me.

1948 was the year the chalet was rebuilt, most of the foundations are still the same, there is a lot of signs that have remained the same that bring the sense of what the place used to be like in that era. There are some photos and visitor books from when people have visited, I can be a bit of a history geek when I want to and I love to read up on places I visit. I am signing off for bed now as it is getting late and the day has been long. I shall try to look for more information in the morning, we are visiting the town and taking a trip to the local library.

Day 2  – 04/07/2017

It was a very cold night last night and I have a feeling tonight will be colder. We have been into the town today and it was nice to see what village life is like here in Wales. When browsing the Visitor books I see that the eldest dates from 1992 to 2008 the last entry being mine at age 12. This also tells me that there is quite a large portion of time not spoken for from when the Chalet opened until 1992. The quietness is peaceful but also quite deafening. When I look around I can see changes from the last 8 years of coming here, mostly outside and how nature can reclaim back the earth and continue to flourish. The views are still breath-taking each time I view them. We are going to Llangollen Railway tomorrow meaning I won’t be spending a lot of time here studying or photographing. I have also been looking at the 3 maps that are nailed into the walls which have no motorways on them as they were made and hung before the motorways became. They are fascinating to look at and a good piece of history.  There appears to be no one else staying close in the area at present and I have not embarked on any other visitors whilst out strolling the grounds, mostly just lizards.

In the visitor book from 1992 to 2008, I read a few stories about ‘The Mad Axe Man’ who supposedly knocks on the windows. A story I have no real input for other than my last 8 years here it’s not happened. Occasionally parts of the wall and interior creak on their own which can be quite spooky sometimes. 2010 to present visitor book has even less information about anything.

Day 3 – 05/07/2017

Today we rode the Llangollen Railway to Corwen and back again, it was a very beautiful and extraordinary experience. Something that hopefully will live with me for a very long time. This is my second time on a steam train but this was a lot more enjoyable than the first. The incredible views took me away to a happy place and I look forward to feeling this feeling again.

We stopped by a place called Chain Bridge Hotel where a canal stream is and a few canal boats and the River Dee going through it. It was defiantly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. The bridge is made of metal and painted white, I stood on it and looked off into a very beautiful view. It took me away from all of the stress of everyday life and made me feel alive.

Bucket list updated – stay at the Chain Bridge Hotel.

When I woke this morning it was cold again and I was up early again, I find it hard to sleep in here and the sleep deprivation is starting to affect me slightly. I have taken some strolls around the grounds and will take off for my last adventure soon as it is now quarter to seven. I come home tomorrow which I am looking forward to although I would also like to stay.

Day 4 – 06/07/18

For my last adventure last night I took a stroll into the surrounding woodlands and sat with some sheep on a field to read and photograph before finally caving into my tiredness and returning to the Chalet.

We listened to the radio for most of the late evening and I was amused by the talk of people having a discussion on adult education. I believe more educational programs should be available for the elder. We packed up and set off for home to return back to normal day to day life. It was nice to spend time away from home, all social media and contact from the outside world. Just me, my writing and my camera plus endless supplies of tea. I got to brush up on my solitaire skills witch actual cards rather than a phone app which is very old school but a bonus.

I thought I’d finally share this with you all, it’s been nice for me to see how much my writing and my photography has changed in the past year! I hope to return to the Chalet again soon with my boyfriend for the first time. It was a big part of my early teens as I came here almost every year and it never fails to amaze me.

It was nice to share some of my old writing and some old photography with you all and I hope you have enjoyed this little throwback. I have some more book posts coming soon including an Author Interview with Sherry Christie and a book review of Odd Socks by Robert Powell.

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