Odd Socks by Robert Powell – Book review

This book was kindly gifted to me for a review.

Odd Socks is the debut novel of author Robert Powell. Odd socks is a 229-page children’s book that follows the journey of two courageous socks who live in a world which is run by the Evil Mr Foot. Sophie and Henry team up with Mr Foot’s children: Junior and Frankie and a few other’s in a Plan to bring down Mr Foot’s self-proclaimed empire.

odd socks

First things first, I will never look at my socks the same ever again. In the town of Socksville, lives Mr Foot who is a very rich and greedy man, he owns the Big Factory which produces the socks for the entire world. He is careless and treats everyone in Socksville terribly, even his own family.

Sophie is a tall sock who takes on a major role in the story, she is courageous, adventurous and the most caring of all. Henry is a small and old sock who has the know-how but isn’t very street smart. Henry has spent his entire life inside of the Factory, he has no real experience of being a Sock outside of the Factory yet he is privileged to have the knowledge of what is expected of a sock. Sophie and Henry manage to escape the Big Factory on the Big Hill only to realise how bad things are with Mr Foot in charge.

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Sophie and Henry embark on some action-packed adventures after leaving the Big Factory which leads them to meet villains Flip and Flop, two of the most nastiest dumbest Flip Flops in the entire world. But their adventures also lead them to meet some new friends Bill and Boris the boxer shorts, Socrates the old retired football sock, Wallace who spends most of his time missing his partner sock Doris, Mr Belt, Mr Tie and of course the Hairgrips.

After embarking on some dangerous adventures Sophie and her team of clothing accessories overhear Frankie and Junior (Mr Foots children) planning a mission to bring down Mr Foot and stop his evil ways. They decide to help take on the most dangerous mission of all to save the people of Socksville.

Powell has given each and every clothing item a different personality that you grow to fall in love with. In a world where socks come to life, we also get to meet some really awesome characters, my favourite being Mr Tie, he spends most of the book talking in Rhyme and he doesn’t really connect with the other characters for a while also I really loved Sophie’s character. She has so much compassion and even at times feels sorry for Mr Foot who is the nastiest man in the world of Odd Socks. I actually really like how Mr Foot’s character has been wrote, he is a true villain and has no idea that everyone around him dislikes him.

Odd Socks makes the most ordinary things extraordinary, to us a washing machine may seem a place to wash your clothes, to a sock it is almost a luxurious holiday. My favourite part of this book is in chapter 1 when Henry tells you his story ‘The life of a Sock by Henry.’

This book is perfect for story time with children, and although I am an adult I actually don’t know what I’m going to do with my evening’s now that I have finished this book. Odd Socks contains quite a lot of foot-related puns and jokes Robert Powellwhich really make you laugh, I would say this is a family book and would be greatly enjoyed reading with both parent and child.

I really wish this book had been written when I was younger. If you are looking for a book that is action packed, funny and a book your children will love this is the book. It is labelled 8+ and can be enjoyed by parents too.

Visit Robert’s website here and find out more about Odd Socks.

2 thoughts on “Odd Socks by Robert Powell – Book review

  1. Fantastic review and I agree wholeheartedly with you, having read it to my grandson soon after its release.
    Great work from you and from Robert!!


    1. Thank you Andrew, it really is a great book, cannot wait for my daughter to be old enough to read it 🙂


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