Cold Justice by Lee Weeks – Book Review

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Cold Justice – Lee Weeks ( 4/5 star rating)

This was the first novel I have read by Lee Weeks, and I have to say I was not disappointed. I don’t usually read detective books so it was very different from the books I am used to.

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The story follows a couple Toby and Lauren Forbes-Wright and the disappearance of their young boy, Samuel, who has been kidnapped from London on the day of Toby’s father Jeremy’s funeral. Jeremy Forbes-Wright was a prominent MP who spent a lot of time in Penhal, Cornwall. A lot of the funeral attendee’s were friends of Jeremy’s from Penhall leading the search there.

Detective Inspector Carter and Detective constable Willis are set on finding Samuel, uncovering dark secrets in search in Penhal. The community of Penhal seem like any other small town, everyone knows everyone and all of their business. When Carter and Willis come searching for answers, the community form a stronger bond to keep their secrets from being exposed.

Carter and Willis uncover an alleged attack that happened in 2000, involving Toby and a young woman from Penhall. The alleged attack was never investigated which led to more questions about what happened in Penhall over 14 years ago and whether Samuel had been kidnapped in revenge.

If you want a mystery, that leaves you guessing page after page, this is the book for you.

Cold Justice is very suspenseful until the very last page. I struggled at the beginning to get into it as I do with most books. I felt like there was a short period in the middle where I felt like it started to lose it slightly but then those final chapter’s where the most thrilling ever. I was turning page after page with curiosity, things take a very unexpected turn and a domino effect happens. Everyone’s secrets come out and the people of Penhall start to turn on each other.

I’m still unsure on how Weeks kept the mystery going for so long, every time I felt like I knew who it was I was proven wrong. Lee weeks did a great job at letting us see the story from every point of view but I did feel like we lacked a bond with the characters. I felt no attachment to any of them as the novel flips from detective to victim and then to suspect.

I am not a detective and I really appreciate the detail this story goes into behind the scenes of the police work going on. It feels pretty accurate in my opinion and it was nice to read from that point of view. I don’t read many 3rd person novels because I always feel like they’re not consistent but Cold Justice is and I really loved the writing style.

The storyline of this novel is a 5 star from me. The only thing I felt let this book down was the silly mistakes that hadn’t been corrected in publishing. In the third quarter of the book, one of the Character’s name changed from Mawgan to Megan only briefly but I did confuse me because I had no clue who Megan was. This among some other petty mistakes has made me give an overall total of 4/5 stars.

Overall, I rather enjoyed this novel to start the year of reading off and I would probably get another story by Lee Weeks within this series of detective books and I recommend this to anyone who loves a mystery/crime novel.

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