Love You Dead by Peter James – Book Review

love you dead

Here is my no-spoiler review of: Love You Dead by Peter James. (5/5 star rating)

I don’t know why I’ve read so many detective books lately but this one didn’t disappoint!

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Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is back chasing another suspect down. Jodie Bentley, a serial black widow, who is trying to marry and murder her way up the social hierarchy. Roy Grace is struggling with his own personal life and the past that he thought he had laid to rest. Jodie is trying to make a life for herself in the only way she thinks possible, she is manipulative and smart, she uses this to her advantage.

Detective Grace’s late wife Sandy has been missing for over ten years, presumed dead when suddenly she arises from the surface in France. Grace is struggling to deal with this new information, and how to explain it to his new wife Cleo. He’s trying hard to not let his personal life take his mind off his duties to the citizens of Brighton.

The first thing I noticed about this book and loved was the fact it had a map at the beginning. I’ve never been to Brighton and I felt it helped me visualize the city better in my head.Β  I also noted that the novel is written in short chapters making the reading easier as you are flipping from character to character and each chapter is titled with a date in chronological order.

I started this book at the beginning of February and I’m slightly irritated that it took me so long to finish it considering I read half of the book in one day. I felt like I didn’t know how this novel was going to turn out because I didn’t know certain things from previous books, but James has written this novel in a way that without any back story (from previous books) you are still kept in the loop, therefore, he is attracting new readers and still giving his old readers what they want.

I really like Detective Grace, I feel like this novel really did focus on his personal emotional turmoil, whilst still having a mystery in need of solving by Grace and his team. He is a relatable character trying to deal with a lot of personal problems as well as do his job of protecting people. I loved his sense of humour and how he tries to remain positive even though his superiors are hanging on their seats waiting for him to slip up.

At times, I found myself feeling sorry for Jodie after finding out what she’s been through, that made her the way she is. Jodie’s family made her an outcast, she felt unloved and constantly compared to her sister which drove her to jealousy and wanting to prove to her family that she was worthy. With most of the character’s I felt like there was enough background to feel an emotional attachment too. I usually dislike novel’s written from character to character but this was a great exception.

When I reached the final quarter of the book, I had no idea how Peter James was going to catch Jodie out. She truly is a devilish character who is cunning and murderous! Every piece of information in this novel, worked hand in hand with creating the ending of this book. Each character had a part to play to help bring Jodie down, and put an end to her murderous streak.

I honestly was so overwhelmed in the last few chapters that I had to re-read them!

I like that despite the fact the Ray Grace books are a series, you can also read them as stand-alone novels. I am wanting to read the next novel within the series. I felt like I was left with a lot of unanswered questions after I finished reading like what happened after Jodie has been caught which I hope will be answered in the next novel.Β  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good detective novel, I am definitely going to read some more Peter James in the future and review for you all. I have Billionaire at the ready and I will probably read that around Easter.

I liked that any technical police work is explained in the back in a glossary it really helped me as someone who has no idea about detective work. I can appreciate the amount of research put into this book and I was overall blown away by this novel which is why I would rate it 5/5 stars.

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5 thoughts on “Love You Dead by Peter James – Book Review

  1. Such a good review, might pick it up x


    1. Thank you! Let me know what you think if you do! X


  2. poutineandprada Mar 1, 2019 — 8:21 pm

    This sounds so good! I’ll keep an eye out for it!


  3. This is very correct. It’s good to see some people with great ideas about this. Thank you so much for posting it here.


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