Kindle Fire 7 Review

For Valentines Day I received my very first Kindle as a gift from my partner, so today I thought I would review the Kindle Fire 7.

The Kindle Fire 7 is currently available on Amazon for Β£49.99, in colours Black, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue or Punch Red. The Kindle Fire 7 has a 7″ screen with Storage available in 8GB (Β£49.99) or 16GB (Β£59.99).

Amazon link (Affiliate.)

I chose the 8GB in Canary Yellow, the reason I chose the 8GB over the 16GB is that the Kindle can hold an SD card so I felt I would be better suited using the extra Β£10 buying a decent sized SD card to put inside it.


Pro’s of the Kindle Fire 7

  • Great Range of Books at all different prices
  • Small size fits in most bags
  • Alexa
  • Kindle Unlimted for Β£7.99 (over 1million titles available)
  • Audible
  • Add notes, bookmarks, and highlights!
  • Large selection of apps to install

Con’s of the Kindle Fire 7

  • Low Screen Resolution
  • Camera
  • Kindle/Amazon Ads

I’ve wanted a Kindle for a very long time and I always put off buying one, I decided that it would be more beneficial to have one so that I am able to carry many more books in this small light-weight device rather than carrying hoards of heavy books about.

Of course, owning an E-book and an actual book are still very different things and I will always prefer the physical book but I will now be able to buy more books and not have to worry about where I am going to put them. ( I actually spent 2 days tidying both mine and my daughter’s bookshelves.)

The Kindle has a massive range of books at all different prices are available, they also have a lot of offer’s on for holidays when a lot of prices drop, I thought I would be spending an unreasonable amount of money on books. You can also sign up for Kindle Unlimited which charges you Β£7.99 which gives you access to over 1million audiobooks and e-books.

Let’s talk about some of the Con’s, the Kindle Fire 7 doesn’t have the best of camera’s and I definitely didn’t buy it because of the camera. I would say the front facing camera is definitely better quality than the rear but I still find the images to be very pixelated. I wouldn’t use the camera feature unless I necessarily had to. The low screen resolution doesn’t bother me too much when I am reading as it doesn’t affect my quality of reading and as I did get it initially just to read on. I would recommend if you were buying this as your main source of entertainment to get either the Kindle Fire 10 or Kindle Fire 8 as they both support HD. When I first received the Kindle, the Amazon/Kindle ad’s really irritated me as I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t personalize my tablet’s lock screen but since getting them removed I am much happier with it.

As I read for my blog and my personal use, I find the Kindle very useful, it already has Goodreads installed on it and will show you the Goodreads reviews of the book you are wanting to buy.Β  When I purchase a book it will ask if you want to add it to your Goodreads shelf and let me post any notes I have highlighted straight to my account too. I’ve never enjoyed highlighting a physical book, but it help’s me when writing reviews and I like that I am able to do this on the Kindle without worrying about destroying my book.

I would recommend the Kindle Fire 7 to any book lover, whether you like reading e-books or physical books you can not deny the Kindle of its practicality. I will be doing an Audiobook review soon, I have never listened to a full audiobook before but I have downloaded a few from Audible, I have started ‘All the Invisible Things’ by Orlagh Collins so that might turn into 2 reviews, one on listening to an audiobook and one on the novel itself.

Overall, I am pleased with the Kindle Fire 7, and I hope you all can agree that this is a great piece of technology especially for the price! I may update this review soon if I have more to add!

5 thoughts on “Kindle Fire 7 Review

  1. I used to think into buying one but honestly I enjoy reading an actual book! (And I don’t have too much of an issue with buying lots) Although the Goodreads thing etc.. is cool!


    1. I do still love a good physical book! I want a massive library one day!


      1. omg I imagine that would look AMAZING!


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