Mother’s Day – Update and Monthly round-up

It’s March 31st! How have we already completed 3 months of the year? It seems unreal, it is also Mother’s Day and I’d love to take time to have a special shoutout to my amazing mother, who is the biggest supporter of my blog and always pushes me to carry on. Thank you mum, hope you have a wonderful day.

It’s my 4th Mother’s day this year, and I can not explain how honoured I am to be the mother to my beautiful girl, she makes my life worth living, she is the light in the darkness and the face that makes me smile.



This month I have been working on planning my Novel for Camp NaNoWriMonth which starts tomorrow, if you’re on Camp NaNoWriMo and want to chat my username is whatsinmywonderland. It’s my first time at camp and I am excited/stressed.

D2_gSN5X0AA4QAF.png large

This month I have opened up about my anxiety in my post Confronting my anxiety.Β This was a tough one for me to talk about but I’m so glad I did and I will be posting more mental health-related posts in the future.

I have a guest blog post over at Gratisoul all about My Inspirational Woman for International Woman’s day, thank you so much for letting me take part!

I have reviewed the Kindle Fire 7 which I am still absolutely in love with and currently reading the rest of the Harry Potter books for the #hpreadandwatch challenge. When I have finished the Harry Potter re-read I will an entire series review so keep your eyes open for that!

I made up a reading Q&A which I answered bookish questions which you might also enjoy.

I have a fantastic post about Motivation in which some 15 fantastic bloggers helped me by sharing their motivation and the reason behind their blogs.

I also experimented with Blog Planning Materials and making my own blogging planner.


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Hello, I'm a young passionate writer and professional photographer from the North West of England. I am new to Wordpress this is my first ever blog. I look forward to speaking and making friends with like minded people.

14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Update and Monthly round-up

  1. Your little girls so beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful mothers day and March.
    Thank you for sharing with us.


      1. I think my only tip would be to have some idea of plot! (Which I suspect you might anyway.) When I did it I just started writing and ran out of ideas very very quickly! It was a few years ago and I like to think I’m more sensible now (haha). Also with any writing challenge I guess sometimes you just have to get something down and accept that even if you hate it you can edit/delete it later if that remains the case πŸ™‚


      2. Thanks so much! I started the day with no plot and found one whilst I was writing so I’ve wrote an outline and hopefully it’ll be easier now. Having no plot is stressful as hell! Thanks for the tips, I’m aiming to edit it after the Camp has finished so I’m not getting bored or bugged down by silly mistakes!

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      3. Congrats! Plot is good. May I ask what genre? I always tell myself that a first draft is meant to be terrible, meaning that anything better than terrible is a great achievement! Anyway, so much luck and I hope you don’t mind the lengthy replies, I like talking to other writers ☺️


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