Heavenward by Olga Gibbs – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Heavenward by Olga Gibbs. (4/5 star rating)

Heavenward is the 1st book in the Celestial Creature’s series written by Olga Gibbs. The Celestial Series is a Dark Fantasy series. The second Novel in the Series “Hallow” will be released on the 1st May. You can get your copy of ‘Heavenward’ free using this link. https://books2read.com/u/bWzWlx

This book is not free on Amazon but you can get a Kindle copy for £2.99 which is well worth the read. If you click the photo below you can purchase from the Amazon store. *affiliate link.

Heavenward follows the story of a girl named Ariel, she lives a somewhat normal life which can be seen as quite miserable. She keeps herself to herself and she likes it that way. Ariel is burdened by her past and is struggling to keep her nightmares at bay.

What should have been an ordinary life for her gets turned completely upside down when three new students appear at school. Since their arrival, things had started to change. Ariel finds out that Angel’s exist. In her ordinary world, Angels are at a war of their own and she is involved. After ending up in the care of an angel, who has sworn to protect her; she realizes that her life is going to change forever.

Ariel struggles to accept her new information and ends up revealing some darker secrets about herself and her past. When the people surrounding her turn out to be not who she thinks they are. Ariel finds herself being thrown into a world, she not only didn’t know existed but a world where she holds the power.

This book has completely thrown me. I’m always skeptical when starting a new book and when reading a new author. I started Heavenward 2 days ago and managed to binge read the entire novel.

I love a book I can binge read and then feel guilty about afterward for not dragging it out longer. I really wish I had done that because I did not want this book to end!

Ariel is the only character that you are introduced to in the Blurb of this book meaning I didn’t know what other characters to expect. Ariel’s character development can be seen so much through the story when she realizes she is not weak like she thought she was. She is strong and powerful but at times she does let slip that she is still very much mundane in the sense that she wishes she’s dreaming and that she could wake up back in her ordinary life.

The other main characters in this book are Sam and Rafe. Sam is an angel who swears to protect Ariel and he is very forward with his feeling’s towards her. I sense that Ariel is quite naive to feel such an attraction for somebody who is a complete stranger. Sam seems quite comfortable in himself and possibly slightly cocky.

The next character is Rafe, who originally I didn’t really understand, he was very much sidelined for a good portion of this novel. And then takes center stage for the other half. Rafe is a caring, strong character and I felt a lot of emotion for him during the novel. Rafe is the second angel that swears to protect Ariel, which can only really mean one possible thing.

There’s enough basis in this story for a possible love triangle in ‘Hallow’, I hate to say it but I really hope not. I have a hunch that there isn’t but I said NO-SPOILER review so I won’t share the information I think I have ciphered from this novel. (Sorry, not sorry.) I hope there isn’t but not because I don’t like them. But because I’m a sucker for them. They are so cliche but if the main character can’t choose between two people then how am I supposed to?

Heavenward is written in the first person in the P.O.V of Ariel, I would like to see some other P.O.V’s at some point in the series as I think it would be nice to see how the other characters think and possibly be able to get to know them and their background more.

I do have a few unanswered questions that I hope will be answered in the next novel. And I would like to mention that some of the scenes in this novel are quite violent/ gruesome in parts and they are described very well so that’s a pre-warning for anyone who is a little bit on the off-side about that type of thing.

This was my first time reading a Dark Fantasy style of book and I have to say I really did fall in love, with the story, the characters, the author and her writing style. I have felt a lot of emotion during this book especially towards the end, and I can not wait to get started on ‘Hallow’.

I have rated this book 4/5 stars and I am slightly tempted to change my answer because I really fell in love but there were only two things I disliked about this story. There was a particular scene which I must have re-read about 6 times and I still don’t actually have a clue what happened during it. It was well written but the reference of what it was based on isn’t explained anywhere which makes me sad because I love to delve deep into the why about books and certain chapters. The other reason is quite personal to me so I won’t be sharing the why.

Favourite Quote:

“You’ve managed to unlock the door to the library – Now it’s time to learn how to read.” Rafe from Heavenward. (Kindle Page 199)

On the 10th May, I will be sharing a post with you about ‘Hallow’, I am part of the Hallow Blog Tour. I will be sharing a short review and an Interview with Olga Gibb’s so we will be able to find out more about the reasoning behind this novel. Don’t forget to check this book out whilst it is free!

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  1. Joanna Nicole Apr 5, 2019 — 11:36 pm

    Looks like a great book. Awesome review!

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