Draw with me – Youtube Series

I’ve been wanting to make Youtube since I was 11 years old, of course, I made a few and they were dreadful, like many before me. I’ve been wondering how I can make an introduction into Youtube so that I can finally gather the confidence to sit in front of a camera and talk.

‘Draw with me’ is going to consist of drawing videos requested by you! For the first episode, I have drawn a Robin as it is my Harry Potter Patronus. I am NOT an artist, I enjoy drawing and I’ve always dabbled in it. I draw because I find peace in it, not because I’m good at it! I actually failed my Art GCSE because and I quote ‘It’s too emotional.’ I asked ‘What art isn’t?’

‘Draw with me’ has been made to add some light-hearted content to my blog, sometimes it is nice to take a step back from blogging and divulge myself in Arts & Crafts. I’m hoping that I may be able to inspire a few of you to take a step back from all of your busy work and do something for you!

I also am very proud to say that I made this video entirely by myself, I have never been any good at recording and videography so I’m hoping that I can get some more experience before I start my other videos!

I really hope you enjoy this idea and get involved with giving me your request’s for what to draw next!


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Hello, I'm a young passionate writer and professional photographer from the North West of England. I am new to Wordpress this is my first ever blog. I look forward to speaking and making friends with like minded people.

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