Start Living Today – Workbook Review

I was asked to review this lovely ‘Start Living Today’ workbook by The Wellbeing Blogger.

Start living today

The Start Living Today workbook is 30 pages long and has 3 main activities for you to think about. The workbook is filled with positive quotes and encourages you to carry on and get the booklet finished.

I can truly say that completing the tasks in this workbook were provoking thought and helping me think about what aspects of my life I value and how I can change the ones I feel I am not doing enough at.

The workbook can be completed in about an hour depending on how easy you find it to answer the activities. I found one part more challenging than the rest and it was when I had to scale what I think I achieve on all of the aspects of my life. It can be difficult to admit to lacking in certain aspects of your life whether that be family, fitness, work or a relationship.

Start Living Today is a PDF file which you can easily turn into a little booklet like I did by printing it off. Start Living Today is simple but could be very effective if you answer the questions honestly and accept that you want the change.

I really enjoyed completing this workbook and I’m hoping that I can reflect regularly on the things I have written and make a real change.

Vanessa from The Wellbeing Blogger is a former psychologist who now works as a Wellbeing Coach, educator, and consultant. She made this workbook when she realized she wanted a change and to sort her own life out. Now she has shared it with us all in the hope of helping us too.

Start living today


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