Blake, the bee who beileved by Samantha Webb – Book Review

Blake the bee who beileved

We are massive fans of Samantha Webb after Glub captured and stole our hearts last year and we were very excited at the prospect of a new story! You can read my interview with Samantha Webb here from last year just after the release of Glub.

Blake, The Bee Who Believed, is a beautiful story that follows a bee in a world where all the flowers have died and the honey is all gone. Blake believes that she can take the world into her own hands and bring back honey and flowers. She sets off on a dangerous adventure to find a solution to the problem.

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I think this book really shows children that Bee’s are important, without them, we wouldn’t have our beautiful flowers.

Blake is beautifully illustrated which is what draws me to love Samantha’s books, they are all incredibly drawn and the stories are always easy to read, relatable and rhyming.

I love books that show a child a different perspective, this book does that. Amelia has a bit of phobia around Bee’s (mostly all flying insects.) I just knew I needed to buy this book in the hope that she would see Bees in a different light. By creating such a lovable and cute character like Blake, I hope many more children can learn to fall in love with these beautiful and misunderstood creatures.

Blake also shows us that you have to believe in yourself, everybody else has just accepted the fact that the pollen is gone whereas Blake believes that she can make a difference which is a very important message sent in this book. I think we could all take a lesson from Blake and believing in yourself and making a difference in the world.

I am really pleased with this book and the positive effect it has had on Amelia.

Amelia and Blake

Amelia’s thoughts: Amelia loved Blake because she was cute and not scary. She said she was happy that Blake was able to bring the flowers back because she loves flowers and they smell great.

She is now looking forward to summer and to seeing many Blake’s in our garden. Amelia loved the illustrations in Blake and she loved the stickers she got with the pre-ordered version! Thank you so much to Samantha for signing Amelia’s copy with a lovely message!

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