The Mister by E L James – Book Review

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The Mister by E L James review (5/5 stars)

I’m going to be honest, I was more than pleased when E.L James announced a new novel release for this year.  I was also slightly disappointed when I realized it wasn’t the final chapter from the Christian’s P.O.V Fifty Shades books. But as a fan of Fifty Shades, I was willing to be optimistic and read the new novel. Which I finished in 2 days if you want to find out why I binge read this book continue to read!


What a ride this novel was, after reading terrible reviews I really didn’t know what to expect. But I will say that all of those who said they didn’t like this book and that it was terrible where all people who hated on the Fifty Shades Series. I liked the Fifty Shades series because it was different from anything I’d ever read. I was intrigued and well and truly pulled into the novel.

The Mister follows the story of an English man, Maxim, who is grieving the loss of his elder brother Kit. Since Kit’s untimely death, Maxim is now to be the Earl, a responsibility that was once his brothers. Maxim still in turmoil over Kit’s death and is struggling to try and fill his brother’s shoes when he meets a young Albanian woman Alessia who is now working as his cleaner.

Alessia has escaped from her awful previous life of living in a country where women have no power, she flees the country only to find herself being lead into a sex trafficking scandal. She manages to get away only to find herself confused, alone and trying to adapt to her new life in London. She finds work through a friend of her mothers and begins working for Maxim who she calls ‘Mister’ or ‘Mister Maxim’. Maxim is dumbfounded by Alessia and plans to find out more about her. When he does he realizes she is in danger from being taken back into trafficking, he feels a strong connection and the need to keep her safe from harm.

Maxim is an interesting character and there was a particular moment at the beginning of the novel that really made me dislike him but when he decides to look after Alessia it did warm my heart because he barely knew her, even if it was because of his own selfish needs. Alessia is a music lover and a piano prodigy with a great love for books, I really love her character and how she keeps a strong head despite what she has been through.

The Mister is written from the P.O.V of Maxim and then in a third person from Alessia, once you get the grasp of that you will find it easier to read and to follow along with the story. The Mister is page turning and will leave you wanting more. Alessia and Maxim’s relationship blooms during the novel, despite their differences and the problems they encounter along the way, they are infatuated by each other.

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With the novel being set in 2019, the story has been modernized and I liked the fact it was current. It’s the first book I’ve ever read which uses the words ‘Tinder’ and ‘Uber’.

I also loved the extra that E.L James added by giving us a list of the music that Alessia played at the end of the book.

There is the basis for a second novel but I highly doubt that James will decide to write another book. I’d be more than happy to read another novel and get to know more about Alessia and Maxim and what happens after The Mister.

I would recommend The Mister to any E.L James fans, if you are not a fan of E.L James’s writing then you probably should just steer clear because I understand her novels are not in everyone’s taste and that’s okay.

But I personally think she is a great author because she writes with passion for her characters and she writes the stuff the rest wouldn’t dream of writing and for that you have my vote.

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5 thoughts on “The Mister by E L James – Book Review

  1. I love E. L. James and Fifty Shades!! I am going to have to read this! I, too, had heard bad reviews so I hadn’t bothered but now I will definitely read it! Thanks for the review!!

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  2. I saw that she’d released this book but wasn’t sure what to think. I read the entire 50 shades series and was left a bit meh. So I can’t decide whether to pick this one up or not

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would give it a try, it’s very different! 📚


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