First Rhyme Mom by Leanne Stoneley – Book Review

I loved this beautiful little book of poems about motherhood, it was a reading delight and something I know I can read again in time.

First Rhyme Mom Booko

‘First Rhyme Mom’ is a collection of poems written by Leanne Stoneley on her journey into motherhood. Leanne has captured the true inner workings of a mother beautifully and describes the journey from pregnancy into motherhood.


First Rhyme Mom is available on Kindle Unlimited or in Paperback. You can order yours using this link. (Affiliate link.)

The poems in this book are very relatable and I shared a few with my friend who is currently pregnant and she loved them too. Not only are the poems relatable and fun but some of them also made me cry. This book shows us the true musings of being a mother, all those countless nights we spent awake, changing nappy after nappy, eagerly awaiting your child’s firsts and loving them unconditionally.

My favourite Poem in this book is ‘To my mummy’ which did indeed make me cry. This poem collection gathers those feelings all in one small book which can sit beautifully beside your bed when you yourself are sharing this experience.

I liked that I didn’t feel obligated to read it all at once, it is very much something you can pick up and put back down again until you are wanting to read more. Don’t let the word ‘poetry’ frighten you off, this book contains small and longer poems whatever your poetry level may be.

I would recommend this book to any mum out there whether your a mum-to-be or a mum of a 30-year-old!  This book took me back a few years and reminded me of how beautiful it was to become a mother. Yes, it is hard and draining but also a wonderfully rewarding experience. I hope we are about to encounter many more poem books like this from Leanne, and hopefully soon. First Rhyme Mom Sounds of Heaven.jpg

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