Stickerscape Review

I was gifted these beautiful Children’s Space Wall stickers by Stickerscape. You can view their collection here Stickerscape Space Wall Sticker Collection. Or to view their website here. I’ve teamed up with Stickerscape to give you 10% off using the code ‘mummyover10’ which is valid for the next month!

I chose these beautiful ‘Space Doodles Wall Sticker Pack’ in Grey, they are also available in Pink, White, Yellow, and Black. I found it incredibly hard to choose because all of the designs looked pretty cool but these were really cute and I just knew they’d look great on Amelia’s walls. Amelia’s walls are pink and grey, I hoped by choosing the grey to go on the pink walls it would still match the rest of the room.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 21.44.png

My stickers arrived promptly and beautifully packaged!  I will admit I was a bit confused when I opened the box as I wasn’t quite sure how the stickers worked. I would recommend you definitely should read the instructions, they are simple and easy to follow. This Youtube video was also incredibly easy to follow.


Stickerscape stickers have to be placed on in stages, the first is to cut the shape from the rest of the roll of stickers, you can then use a card on a flat surface and rub the sticker so it sticks from the backing paper (Whiteside) on to the transfer paper (clear side). You can then remove the backing paper and affix the transfer paper with the stickers onto the wall in the desired space. Use the card again to stick the sticker to the wall before pulling off the transfer paper.

I did find the process a bit longer than I would have done with any usual wall sticker. I found that some of the designs where fiddlier than others as, in the image below the small lines in the spaceman’s helmet and the dots on his uniform are separate stickers and occasionally I would peel away to find the smaller pieces still stuck to the transfer paper.


These stickers really look beautiful against the pink paint in Amelia’s room. Although I found applying the stickers a little more time consuming than normal wall stickers, I am a fan. Stickerscape wall sticker’s don’t have that usual see-through border that usual wall stickers have around them.


Overall, I really love the new stickers, I think they look fabulous on the wall. I would use Stickerscape in the future as they create a more high-quality look, even in a child’s bedroom. I would highly recommend Stickerscape if you’re looking to jazz up your children’s bedroom, add some colour or character to plain walls. I’m really starting to wish and hope that they start to create stickers for adults and other rooms.


General enquires use this link.

Don’t forget to use my coupon code at the beginning of this blog post for 10% of your Stickerscape order! I have some great blog posts coming up soon, I’m really sick at the moment which is why I’ve been less active than usual!

If you are looking to work with me, don’t hestite to email me at

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  1. Looks amazing! 🙂

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  2. Brill review, thank you. Can’t get coupon code to work though.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know I’ll try get that sorted!


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