Secret Gardens of Oxton 2019 + My first ever Vlog!

For the second year in a row now I have attended the Secret Gardens of Oxton event. This year is the 19th annual event of the Secret Gardens and it was a real pleasure to once again be able to take part.

This year took part on Sunday, 12th May 2019 at 10AM till 5PM. We decided to set off at 11AM as we hate getting up too early on a Sunday and living local meant we only had to walk down the road to attend. I love attending the Secret Garden’s because I get some garden inspiration, it’s a local event so I get to meet some local’s which isn’t a bad thing considering I’ve only lived in the area for a year and a half. I enjoy having a local day out, which didn’t cost too much and the money all goes back into the wonderful community.


This year there were only 20 houses listed on the map which felt odd compared to last year’s 27. Last year, we did go in Numerical order, this year we went from 20 downwards because that way we ended up closer to home at the last few houses. Despite the OCD of starting backward. We reached house 20 with open minds and our legs none the wiser of the treck ahead.


I think having fewer houses than last year meant I was able to look around the gardens leisurely, I felt much more relaxed and like I was able to spend more time in each garden. Last year, I remember feeling incredibly awkward at times when entering a stranger’s garden. This year was much more welcoming and I generally came home with extreme garden envy. (We actually started cleaning our garden the day after!)

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s entertainment which consisted of a lot of musicians and I overall believe the event was much more planned out than last year. I felt like the whole day ran smoother in general, fewer houses meant I wasn’t rushing to see them all. You can read about my thoughts on the Secret Gardens of Oxton 2018 here.

Jo Vickers.jpg

The event also consisted of some lovely small business stalls like this one from Jo Vickers Art. Jo has created a beautiful landscape of Oxton Village which she titles ‘Villagescape’, I personally love it! You can visit her shop here on Etsy.

Shetland Pony

I got to stroke this beautiful Shetland Pony which is something I wouldn’t normally even think to do as horses frighten me slightly. Hurray for facing my fear.

I especially loved the older houses which had been claimed back by nature. The day was filled with beautiful greenery and even more beautiful spots of color in flowers and small decoration features which I just adored!

We spent most of the day filming so I could bring you all my very first vlog. I am so excited for you all to watch, as well as incredibly nervous! I have never created a video like this before as I hate the sound of my own voice and I am incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera, I definitely belong behind it! Nevertheless,  I really hope you all enjoy it! If you do, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube and leave me a comment!



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  1. Looks amazing! Great photos!!

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