In Bloom Not Broken by Katie Maylea – Book Review

Here is my review of ‘In Bloom Not Broken’ by Katie Maylea.

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Due to the nature of this book, this review may be slightly different than the rest I have published. ‘In Bloom, Not Broken’ is a true story about Katie Maylea’s experiences with her own Mental Health Problems. The story follows Katie’s upbringing and how she dealt with her hardest times dealing with anorexia, self-harm and bipolar disorder.

In Bloom Not Broken is a beautifully written story, it was at times quite upsetting to read when you realize that this is somebody’s life and they actually had to deal with all of this. As a reader, we can only imagine how hard this was for Katie and I applaud her for sharing these memories with us all.

In Bloom Not Broken has parts of the story which are exact extracts from her diary, I thought these pieces although they were distressing at times. They were helpful to the story and expressed her opinions and thoughts at that exact time in her life. Some of the diary extracts were poems, which I must add were beautifully written and I think they actually deserve a book on their own.

Katie tells us her truth into how she grew up and how in her early teens she started to struggle with self-harm and anorexia, she talks about her experiences with being admitted and how she struggled to get help when she was asking for it. Katie brings up some very valid points when she is talking about how the NHS deals with Anorexia which I strongly agree with her P.O.V and I hope that the NHS have resolved these issues since Katie’s experience.

Katie’s writing style is raw and honest, as she delves into her story of struggles with mental illness. It is a story that provides a hint of hope for those struggling. Katie openly admits that although the story has a slightly happier ending than most mental health stories, she still suffers from her mental health and is still sharing her experiences.

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Since these event’s and getting diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. Katie is now trying to advocate for Mental Health and help those who are struggling. Katie’s story is very inspiring to people out there who are suffering to learn to speak up and talk about their experiences in the hope that someone who is suffering will find it comforting to know that they are not alone and that hopefully the system revolved around mental health will improve.

“You’ve got this. Find your theme tune, play it at the highest possible decibel, keep fighting, and always finish with a semicolon;” – In Bloom Not Broken by Katie Maylea

Buy ‘In Bloom Not Broken’ here. (Affiliate Link)

Visit Katie’s blog here. Katie also runs a handmade shop full of lots of inspirational and motivational items here.

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8 thoughts on “In Bloom Not Broken by Katie Maylea – Book Review

  1. I love books based on people’s personal journals. It gives it a different and unique perception 💗

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    1. They are really interesting to read and very insightful on another person’s life!

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  2. Fantastic review! This sounds like a really interesting read!

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  3. This sounds like a really wonderful book to read and share. I think personal stories are so important, because there’s no question of how ‘realistic’ they are – they’re somebody’s truth. They happened. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I really hope you check it out, it is a real eye-opener and it is beautifully written. Katie tells her truth honestly and she sends a message of hope for those out there who are also suffering! xx

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