Author Interview with Ella Wolfe

Ella Wolfe is the author of ‘Moonlit Tragedy’, the first installment in the ‘Prey is by Night’ series. Moonlit Tragedy follows Serena who has her normal world thrown upside when all her female relatives in her family are being killed. She knows her time is coming but she is unaware of who is after her. She’s accepted her fate when she discovers a supernatural world that she didn’t know existed. You can read my review of ‘Moonlit Tragedy’ here.

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Can we start with a brief introduction of yourself?

3B68BF07-4181-4888-8934-24EFA33C9ED2My name is Ella Wolfe but my pseudonym is Ms. Luna. I’ve published once and I’m in the process of writing the sequel. I’m a pantser and none of my work has ever been officially planned out. My favourite animals are wolves (go figure) and dogs.

What other hobbies do you do outside of writing?

I dabble in horse riding but I mostly prefer passivities such as watching random videos on YouTube and rewatching tv series’s that I’ve seen a million times before.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since I was about 5-6. Maybe younger than that but my real writing began then.

Have you always wanted to become an author? And how do you feel now that your book is published?

I never saw writing as a job until I was about ten. It was always just something I did for fun. When I learnt that it could be fun and other people could read it, I figured I would write a story to release to the world. Now that my book is published, I don’t really know how to feel. It’s still surreal to me.

There are many characters in Moonlit Tragedy, who is your favourite and why?

I don’t have a favourite. They are all my children and each contains a small part of me within them. My least favourite character, the one I secretly hate, is Chris. He’s generally just nasty but I know his plot line further in the series, and let’s just say, he only gets worse.

How would you describe the relationship between Serena and Cynthia? What exactly does the blood cub relationship mean?

Serena and Cynthia have a very unique and complex relationship, which stems from the BloodCub/Guardian Wolf bond that they have. For most BloodCub bonds, the Wolf is the only one who feels the constant need to protect their Cub.  Of course the Cub loves and often admires, their Wolf, but usually, the protective aspect is one way. With Cindy and Serena, it’s bidirectional. Cynthia loves and wants to protect Serena just as much as Serena wishes the same. Add in the fact that the bond was formed prior to Serena becoming a Wolf, and you have an unusual situation on your hands. They are like sisters, best friends and each other’s parent, all at the same time. Each time one suffers a loss, the other feels it.

A BloodCub relationship means different things within each pairing. For some, it’s merely a protective friendship. For others, there is a romantic attachment formed. In Wolf children born in a multi-birth (twins, triplets, etc) it’s not uncommon for the siblings to create BloodCub bonds within their group.

Serena seems very headstrong considering the amount of guilt and grief she carries around. How would you describe Serena’s personality?

Serena is many things, most of which contradict one another. She’s loyal to a fault but will quickly reject someone once they harm her. She loves deeply. She’s incredibly protective yet argumentative. Serena is also as impulsive as a child, quickly making decisions and dealing with the fallout afterward, which often results in her pain. She always wants what is best for the greatest number of people, even if it is not in her best interests. She is my strange little orphan cub and I love her.

Will we get to see another character P.O.V in the sequel?

My POV mostly stays the same throughout the series, with the exception of the prologues in each, as I am using those as a peek into the mind of each book antagonist. For my last few books in the series, however, I am potentially opening the POV to other main cast characters alongside the lead.

What was the inspiration behind the moonlit tragedy?

I began writing Moonlit Tragedy so long ago now, I can’t remember what the inspiration behind it was. I imagine Serena and her story began the same way all of my ideas began, a random scene that I ran with and wrote about.

What can we expect from the next novel and do you have an estimated date?

I am currently writing the sequel, however, I do not have an end date in sight. I have two days a week that I am not working full time so writing time is limited. So far I am 7/8 chapters into the first draft.

Talk about a cliff-hanger, did you intend for the ending of the book to work out the way it did?

As I didn’t ever plan Moonlit Tragedy or any of its sequels, I didn’t know that it would end the way it did until I was mid-rewrite. The original draft was far lighter than the final version so I don’t fully remember how the ending went. But no, I hadn’t intended it to work out like that from the beginning.

Have your life experiences influenced your writing in any way?

As I said in one of my other answers, each of the characters contains a small part of me. Some of them have my personality traits, others have aspects of my past, but the biggest aspect of my life is within Serena and Cynthia’s relationship. It’s very similar to a friendship I have had for many years now and it makes their scenes so much easier to write.

What would you like to have accomplished in the next 5 years?

Within the next five years, I plan to have at least written and rewritten the sequel, called Midnight Howl, and have it sent off to an editor. Outside of writing, I hope to be in a healthier and happier place than I am now.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Whether you plan or pants, it won’t get finished unless you write. So even the scenes you’re not in love with, write them down then go back and rewrite the whole thing when you’re finished. You never know, the scenes you didn’t like before, may turn into one of the most important parts to your story.

What is your utmost favourite book and why?

I don’t have a favourite book. There are many books I have read and will read again, but to pick any one of them as my favourite, would go against my philosophy of reading. No book is bad, it may just be badly written.

Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you?

If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want a notebook, a dozen or more pencils, and a sharpener. Writing is a great escape, even while you’re stranded alone.  Especially when you’re alone actually.

Moonlit Tragedy

‘Moonlit Tragedy’ is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version here. (Affiliate link)

The Kindle version is available with Kindle Unlimited and £2.50 to purchase which I think is an absolute steal!

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