Nicotine and Napalm by Emily Priest – Book Review

Nicotine and Napalm by Emily Priest (5/5 stars)

I’ve always loved poetry and I’ve dabbled in writing my own since around the age of 11, but I find it incredibly different to relate to other peoples poetry. That was until I came across a particular poetry book, one that has inspired me and stole a forever space on my bookshelf.

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Nicotine and Napalm was published in 2019, it is the first, hopefully of many, of poetry books by Emily Preist. Emily is a freelance writer and performance poet, she performed her first poetry reading in 2016 in Portsmouth since then she has recited poetry in countless venues. I was instantly drawn to this poetry book by the captivating front cover and the intriguing name. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy and read it!

“From my bruises I bled my hopes and dreams, and with my broken heart I called your name.” – Emily Priest.

I also did an Interview with Emily which you can read here to find out more about Emily.

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I was captivated by the poems in this series, they gripped me emotionally and physically as I didn’t want to turn the last page. They tell you a true account of what a woman journey in self-discovery and finding love in the modern-day. Emily’s work was inspired by the ‘Me Too’ project and she has shared her accounts in her raw, uncensored but beautiful poetry. I hope this book gets the praise it deserves and finds itself in the hands of many young women who also need this book in their lives.

My favourite poem from this collection is ‘I, The Shipwreck’, I feel like for the first time I have found a piece of writing that I can relate to and it resonates with my own self-image and how I perceive myself. I’ve been left feeling inspired and spellbound by the works of Emily Priest. There were many other poems in this collection I loved such as ‘The House Left Lit’ and ‘Embers’, I feel like although they are personal works of Emily, we can all adapt the feeling she provokes in her writing to our own life and experiences.


This is a brilliant debut poetry book as it shows potential for Emily as a poet and I think we should all keep our eyes peeled for the future works and collections from Emily. I am looking forward to seeing what Emily has up her sleeve and I hope she doesn’t leave us waiting too long!

“The fire that burnt us alive in the passions of midnight, amongst teeth and toungue ’til morn.” – Emily Priest

Don’t forget to check out my Author Interview with Emily!

You can also purchase your copy of Nicotine and Napalm here! (Affliate Link)

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