Cherry Nova by Kelly-Marie Pollack – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Cherry Nova by Kelly-Marie Pollock (4/5 stars).

“Set in Victorian London, Cherry Nova follows the story of a young Woman, who awakens in a grim hotel room with no recollection of who she is and how she got there. With her life seemingly erased, she sets out on a journey of self discovery, fuelled by an overbearing blood lust that leads her down an unknown path. She soon realises though, that not all lovers love you, not all enemies are evil and that you can’t always trust the person staring back at you in the mirror. Magic, Mythology, Secrets and Lies all intertwine themselves around her newly carved out existence, but you can’t run from the past no matter how hard you try. Your sin will always boomerang back to you. Monsters are real, afterall, she should know – She’s one of them.”

cherry nova

Cherry Nova is the debut novel by Kelly-Marie Pollack, it’s the first installment of ‘The Chronicles of Nova Morgan’ series.  Kelly-Marie lives in Dorset with her Husband Mitchell, 4 young children, and a menagerie of pets. She’d dreamt of being an Author from a very young age and her late Auntie Julie pushed her to follow her dreams. Kelly-Marie is  a stay at home Mother, full-time carer and active Parenting and Mental Health Blogger, you can find her blog over at

Chery Nova follows the story of a young woman who wakes without any recollection of her memories and an uncontrollable hunger that she doesn’t understand. Living in Victorian London, Nova sets on a path to search for answers about who she is, what she is and how she ended up where she is. It isn’t long before Nova’s memory is triggered and she realizes she is part of something that is bigger than her. She now finds herself on the run and trusting people who she barely knows to get her by. She realized there is a real danger and she must find a way to control her own impulses so she can defeat those who stand in front of her.

This was another one of those books that turned out to be better than I anticipated it to be. I’m unsure whether I’m fed up of vampire fiction or not, I feel like they have been overdone now and barely any of them distract from the cliche. I was in my early teens when the Vampire buzz started and I was obsessed. Pollack has managed to stray away from the cliche and create a vampire fiction novel that I not only enjoyed but craved more of. Nova is a very interesting character and from the beginning, I could tell I definitely liked her. She’s a strong-willed character and a definitely a leader, after her memory returns, so does her determination. I actually began to love Ruth towards the end, I loved her relationship with Nova and I can’t wait to see how it develops in the next novel. Although they are different, I feel like there is a mutual understanding between the two of them and they both want the same outcome regardless of what’s happened previously between them.

Without spoiling, I’d love to for there to be prequel to Cherry Nova as well as a sequel, as the story of what happens before Nova loses her memory, although it is revealed; I’d love to have read it myself as it intrigued me and seems like the type of book I’d love to read. I hope that Kelly considers this when working on this series. I would recommend Cherry Nova to a fantasy lover looking for a new author and a new story. You won’t be disappointed with this vampire fiction novel. I just hope Kelly doesn’t leave us waiting for too long.

cherry nova bookshelf.jpg

You can purchase your copy of Cherry Nova by Kelly Marie Pollack here. (Affiliate Link)

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