Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis – Book Review

I have taken part in the Blog Tour for Jessaca Willis’ debut novel ‘Blood Awakens’ and I have been gifted a copy of Blood Awakens in exchange for an honest review.

Here is my no-spoiler review of Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis. (5/5)

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Blood  Awakens is the first installment in ‘The Awakened Quartet’ by Jessaca Willis. Blood Awakens is set two years after ‘The Awakening’ which triggered unusual powers in humans all over. The awakening left both people who had been awakened and the unawakened fighting for their own survival each afraid of the other.

Sean is a blood guide who has the ability to control peoples blood, his power can be used to heal but it can also be used to kill. Affected by the loss of his brother and being outcasted for his awakened power, Sean sets up a sanctuary for all to seek shelter, and help build a community. Attacks on other local sanctuaries leave Sean and the community he’s built on edge.

Graciela and her brother Santiago, are both on the move struggling to get by strapping for food. Whilst Graciela is un-awakened she refuses to leave her brother behind, even though his awakened abilities are beginning to cause problems on his health. Santiago is an empath who has the ability to sense others emotions,  which helped lead him to Mara who is at the Hope Sanctuary built by Sean. He manages to convince Graciela to find the sanctuary but they are unaware of the attacks on the sanctuary and the dangers which lie ahead.

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I was excited to read this novel based on the synopsis I was given from the cover reveal for Blood Awakens which you can check out here. I thought the cover was very eye-catching and thought-provoking and the synopsis left me wanting to find out more about this new series.

Blood Awakens is written in 3rd person but from multi- perspectives from each of the main characters at first I was a bit sceptical about reading from each character’s perspective because I think sometimes it can become confusing and overbearing. But I do feel like it defiantly suited this story as I was drawn more into each character and how their ability affects them.

Graciela is defiantly my favourite character closely followed by Sean because they both share one trait that I love, they both care deeply for their family and are driven to protect the ones they love by any means necessary. I feel like these are great character traits and it really helped me relate to their characters.  Graciela is not only family orientated but she is headstrong when the journey looks challenging she doesn’t back down, she proceeds and tackles whatever issue may arise. She may not be physically strong but she is emotional.

“It had been her choice to die – for them. But here they were, ready to storm the castle and rescue the helpless damsel.” – Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis.

I really love the relationships these characters are building which each other and I hope they can continue to grow and help each other deal with their pasts so they can work together to possibly find a cure for the awakening. Although it’s been two years since the Awakening epidemic I still feel as though each character is carrying a burden from the events which is holding them back in some way.

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As much as I love Santiago and Graciela, I hope that the sequel ‘Puppet’s Dream’ brings us more Mara and Sean as they both seem like interesting characters and we definitely didn’t get enough of them in book one. Especially Mara, I still have so many questions about her backstory and I’m hoping she has a bigger part in the sequel. I’d like to find out more about each of the awakening powers there are and hopefully find out the cause of this worldwide epidemic.

If you are looking for a new fantasy series that’s not cliche, this is the series for you. Once again I’ve been able to read and review a brilliant debut novel from a promising new author. Jessaca has managed to create an intriguing concept with very relating and likeable characters and a storyline which has left me reeling for me.

“There were things worth fearing, true, but there were also things worth living for.” – Blood Awkens by Jessaca Willis.

If you want to find out more about Jessaca you can do here in my Author Interview, and you can also read my review of The Awakening prequel which is a short story set before Blood Awakens.

Purchase your copy of Blood Awakens here. ( Affiliate Link)

Thank you to Fraser’s Fun House for running another amazing blog tour, check out her review of Blood Awakens here.

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