The Awakening by Jessaca Willis – Book Review

 Here is my no-spoiler review of The Awakening by Jessaca Willis. (5/5 stars)

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After reading Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis, I discovered that there was a short prequel to the Awakened Quartet called ‘The Awakening’ is an origin story set before the events of Blood Awakens. In my review for Blood Awakens, which you can read here, I was left wanting more from Mara and I am pleased to announce that The Awakening provides that.  You can also read my author interview with Jessaca Willis here.

Mara is struggling to accept her new status as one the ‘awakened’, she conceals her new power and tries to fit in as society falls apart with people beginning wars between the awakened and the unawakened. When faced with a potential danger will she choose to expose herself and embrace her awakened powers or continue to hide?

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I absolutely loved this short story, and I kind of wished I had read it before Blood Awakens because I feel like it answered a lot of the questions I had about one of the main characters in Blood Awakens. The Awakening is written in the first person from Mara’s P.O.V and I got to sense a bit more of her charisma and how she thinks. I thought The Awakening was beautifully written and it definitely helped me want more from this series and from Jessaca herself.

The Awakening really helped build the setting for Blood Awakens as you get the feel for the intense and scary reality that these people live in, and how the characters feel about that change. It held my attention and I liked it that much I read it a second time, although it is a short story it defiantly had a lot more action than I anticipated.

This short story is a great addition to this new series ‘The Awakened Quartet’ and I can not wait to read the next book in the series, I hope Jessaca doesn’t leave us waiting too long. I really wish I had read this book before Blood Awakens because I feel like my review would be totally different as I know what comes after The Awakening, and I need to find out what happens after Blood Awakens now.

“Truth is, I’m not sure how or why it’s us who are different, but we are. And it’s up to us to decide if today is the day we die, or if it is the day we live.” – The Awakening by Jessaca Willis

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