Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez (4/5 stars)

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Dark Rising Sun is the debut novel of K.M Martinez, it is the first installment of The Continuos War series.

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale doesn’t wish to compete in the Annual Agora which is a tradition for all the causing tension between the seven clans. An unprovoked and unexpected attack on Mel leaves her wondering whether the Clans have branded her as a traitor. Her Grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, thinks that Mel bears the Kale Beast in her but Mel thinks it’s a myth along with the stories of The Eighth Clan. After a threat to her life, Mel must find out the truth.

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I really liked Mel’s Character, she was feisty from the start and I liked that she was portrayed as a strong female lead from the beginning, damsel in distress? What is one of those? Mel is highly slandered by the other clans as they believe she is a traitor for not competing in the games, but this doesn’t phase her nearly as much as it does her brothers and I really liked that her family were very close, supporting and protective over each other but also know how to have a joke.

One of the things that let this story down was the late plot, I feel like I had no idea what the actual plot of the story was up until apart halfway into the book, and the second half of the book was much more interesting to read than the first half, if the whole book could have maintained the level that the second half had I would have rated it much higher. I just felt like it was too slow-paced in the beginning but when the story line hit, I found reading it so much easier.

I feel like this series has the potential for a great sequel as the story ended on a high and the plot is in mid-swing at this point.  Despite the problems I had with the plot, the story is well written, and I have high expectations for the sequel if it remains at the same level of action and excitement as the second half of this novel.

“Gabe wanted to tell her she was crazy, but he knew never to tell a woman she was crazy, no matter how crazy she acted.” – Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez

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