Time Travel by Roxanne San Jose – Book Review

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Time Travel by Roxanne San Jose follows the story of Angelie who manages to create a time machine which her boyfriend John accidentally used to travel into the year 1970. Without knowing a way to return to 2015, John starts to make a life for himself in when Angelie finds a way to travel herself back to get him. Can Angelie convince John to leave 1970 to return to their life back in 2015?

I loved Roxanne’s vision for this story and this is the first book I can recall reading which is about time travel so I don’t have anything to compare it to. There was a particular part of the story I loved which was when the characters travel to the year 3050, her vision of this future of our Earth was creative and I enjoyed exploring that vision. In the year 3050, we meet Max, an AI robot who travels into the past with Angelie and helps her find John. Max was probably my favourite character in the novel because I felt his role in the story was important as he helped many of the characters throughout and he seemed like a robot I would actually want to meet. (I’m not a massive robot fan after watching I. Robot and Sophia the robot terrifies me.)

I felt like the characters in the story did lack personalities, without this I felt I couldn’t connect with the characters. When reading, it felt like we skipped over any introductions straight into the action, but I half expected the action to slow down so we could get to know the characters a bit more but it just never happened.

I feel like this book has all the basis for a great story, it just needs some improvement in parts. I loved the concept and the storyline itself. I just feel like certain parts of the story could do with bulking up and building a bit more personality as well as setting the scene. With a few minor improvements, I feel like this could be a really good book especially for someone who likes sci-fi and futuristic worlds.

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8 thoughts on “Time Travel by Roxanne San Jose – Book Review

  1. Ironically – the only books I generally look for have a time travel theme. And by “look for”, I mean actually read. I thought I liked Sci-Fi, but I tried reading some ‘recommended’ best Sci-Fi books from a podcast, and wow – no. That’s not it. But I’ll get into Time Travel. I’ll look for this one!

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    1. I like Sci-Fi films but I’ve never really read Sci-Fi books before, as a whole time travel fascinates me and I think there is so many different ways you could write it x

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  2. This is a really good review! Absolutely love the concept for the novel, but I think I’d struggle if I wasn’t able to relate to the characters, as I’m very character-focused when it comes to reading.

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    1. Thank you Hannah! It was really easy to read, I just wish I could have been more emotionally attached!


  3. Roxanne San Jose Sep 19, 2019 — 1:36 am

    Thank you so much for the review! You are awesome.

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  4. I think I’d struggle reading this book because I like a book which I can emotionally get attached too because it makes it more enjoyable to read I think. Thankyou for the review though x

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